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do I beat you with your own arm? (better that "do I dazzle you?')

True Blood is not my One True Vampire show but it's certainly becoming a really fun summer show for me.

I'm finding myself watching much less TV this summer, which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing, but it sure is different. Burn Notice continues to be my happy spy place and I have been evilly addicted to So You Think You Can Dance thanks to my horrible roommate. Still impatient for Psych to come back. August feels so far away!

S1 of True Blood was a bit of a mixed bag, I love the ensemble cast way more than the leads which is always a little awkward for me. Plus my ridiculous Anna Paquin love is shameful for I cannot judge her acting at all although I do understand where everyone is coming from when she's criticized for, um, her acting choices when playing Sookie.

Suuuuuhckie issssss maaaaaaaaaaaahn.

Great, I've gotten that out of the way, onwards to spoilers!

LAFAYETTE. He's alive!

Okay, so! I read the first four books (which is probably why Eric is my faaaaavorite, besides the fact that they cast Alex Skaaaaaaaarsgaaaaaaard, who I already loved thanks to Generation Kill, Eric is incredibly fun in the books, finally a vampire who doesn't have a fucking existential crisis over a papercut) and I was steeling myself for the death of Lafayette. In the books, Lafayette's barely in them and nowhere near as fierce and amazing, but still! I was worried for him.

So worried I stayed up way too late (no longer having HBO) and called my roommate and our two overnight guests into my bedroom to watch the premiere once I had verified who was in the car. It not being Lafayette should not have thrilled me so since a character was HORRIBLY murdered in his place but I am a terrible person and continue to celebrate Lafayette's not-deadness.

Although he COULD become undead considering his unfortunate circumstances. As long as he's on the show, I am OKAY with whatever.

Other miscellaneous thoughts:

- I can never not find Bill/Sookie sex scenes to be awkwardly voyeuristic.

- Funny Bill is better than romance novel Bill. Growing Up Compton is my new favorite sitcom. "In this house, we recycle!" "I will not have you dressing like a slattern!" I was wary about Jessica but I now LOVE her if only because Bill needed to interact with non-Sookie shaped people and his suckiness (heh) at being a Maker/Sire is hilarious to watch.

- Hoyt is my favorite.

- Oh, wait, I continue to love Tara. But while Eggs is hot, I do not trust the shenanigans happening in the house of the Spooky Supernatural Lady and I have a great fondness for Sam and Tara's relationship. I am a hopeless dreamer.

- If they are willing to make Eric show up while still getting his hair did then perhaps we will get him in pink tights. Alan Ball, you have a man willing to strip naked...for plot reasons. Get on that.

- I really, REALLY liked the end scene. It's not always that we get to see vampires being monstrous without getting trite messages about how baaaaaad it is. No, vampires act like vampires. They will KILL your ass if you try to attack them and they aren't going to be on the best terms if you already killed off a nest of vampires within their sector, you stupid metal-assed motherfucker.

Here's your vampire burger. It comes with a side of your arm BEATING YOU TO DEATH.


(I know I will.)


I have been absent on lj lately. Time has been eaten with Sims 2, Big Bang assisting, hanging out with people (WTF? didn't I used to be a hermit?) and writing (omg I sometimes write things, that may be gen or het, the story cannot make up its mind).

I do still read all y'alls posts but I am being spazzy and feel like my thoughts aren't worthy of you guys. Especially when I read my flist in the morning and at most I'd be able to recycle a Mean Girls quote at you.
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