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Fic: Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Lederhosen (Farscape, John, D'Argo, PG, drabble)

Writing a proper drabble is HARD. My life is full of pain. Pity me. And read this if you'd like!

Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Lederhosen
Fandom: Farscape
Summary: The time where John loses his clothes and replacing said clothes is trickier than you might think.

"This is all they had left in your size."

"I'm fine with pulling an Animal House," John says, clutching the shiny toga around his waist. "I am. Not. Wearing. That."

"But the embroidery is quite fetching. It matches your eyes."

"I..." John sputters for words that normally come easy but it's hard to think while wearing a blanket that'll show off the family jewels if you pull a Marilyn Monroe and walk over an air vent. Of which there are many. “But it’s LEDERHOSEN.”

D’Argo blinks. “This is not a Zenetan wedding garment.”

Man, sometimes John really hates translator microbes.


And because an explanation is necessary, this is totally inspired by watching John Quixote last night. I do believe that this picture says it all:

It explains nothing but it certainly SAYS something. Something about how awesome Ben Browder is. <3_<3

Ben Browder wrote that./awed voice
Tags: crackfic, drabble, farscape fic, fic
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