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voting means never having to touch Chad Michael Murray

Not so important things, the consumption of, in list format:

1. Weekend plans that shall make me ever so not on the internet. Don't explode on me, you guys.

2. Why so worky work?

3. My complex beta-process. I'm always curious about what other people do when beta-ing. I personally prefer printing out the document, doing a line-by-line edit, add comments and then write it up in Word. Ahhhh. I only hope what I send is helpful.

4. The old days when I used to write and post fic without taking a month to write a short fic. Those were good days. In summation: the ghost story I am writing is still stuck in the hell that is my writing process these days. I doubt I'll post it for another month. Sometimes thinking about giving up writing but seems too flouncy for me. Better to waste my time angsting about my shitty writing.

Poll #1424215 The Yogurt Poll
This poll is closed.

Which delicious yogurt should I eat for lunch?

White Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Obligatory Death is not an Option:

7 Minutes in Heaven with Chad Michael Murray
Become an Otherkin Furry

And no, you cannot say that you'll have the chicken, then.
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