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Fact: Bears. Beets. Supernatural is the Best Show EVER.

Cracked.com has done an article on Supernatural that is both trufax and lolarious.


1. Supernatural is a horror show about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester

2. The show revolves around them traveling around what claims to be America, killing stuff.

3. It remains the only show on television in which the two lead characters have either attempted to kill or succeeded in killing each other with an ax. [but Dean just wanted to ax Sam a question! He looked so SHOVELLY in the hotel light. - Reg]

There is much more awesome to be had at the article including a breakdown of seasons and most delicious snark.

On the Impala:

The family car, a 67 Chevy Impala, is the coolest thing on the show by a factor of four million. It survives despite being possessed by a ghost, stolen several times, crashed twice, and also beaten up by Dean in a fit of rage, after which the car claimed that she’d just driven into a wall, and that Dean just gets angry sometimes.

On Dean:

Most of Dean's ongoing character development involves him dealing with and resolving issues about the fact that he is only five feet tall.

Oh back in the olden days when I first began that heady rush of falling for (mildly against my will) for Supernatural I recall the shock I felt when I learned Jensen Ackles was not in fact, a tiny, tiny pocket-sized actor.

On Sam:

As a consequence of his mother making a deal with Azazel (she was young, and she needed the money!) Sam was infected with demon blood when only six months old. The main effect of this blood seems to have been to cause problems whenever he comes into contact with vaginas, since both his mother and almost every woman he has slept with have met brutal deaths. (One appeared to survive, but we assume that she died of food poisoning offscreen.)

I love this article so much I want to have sex with it. But because I'm a woman that means I'll die INSTANTLY. Damn you, Supernatural!
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