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Suckie Suckie Suckie (she's the blonde one on True Blood, also answers to Sookie)

Suckie is MAAAAAHN.

Yep. Still cracks me up.

Did you know that Godric is over 2,000 years old?

Well, now you do.

- LOL @ Bill & Sookie's ridiculous romantic moments.

- I love dork!Sookie and Bill's hilarious attempts at parenting the best out of all of their cheesy moments together. I laughed at Bill chiding Jessica for ordering a blood donor and then fearfully mentioning pornography and woe, what if she should ever be exposed to it? Sookie playing dumb about the hotel porn was most excellent as well.

Yet the moment they get serious, that's when it becomes bad-hilarious. "You are mahn. "I am yours." "Suckie, Suckie, Suckie. Ah always make Reg crack up when I say your name (your name is MAHN) so I will say it more. Suckie."

- Sookie & Sam met one of their own kind this episode respectively and while Daphne clearly is Up to Something/tied in to Maryann and her merry revelers (of EEEEEEVIL), I think the Sam/Daphne approach was much better and was a hell of a lot less awkward to watch. Sookie trying to harrass Barry into being her Super-Sekrit Psychic BFF wasn't going to work because Barry is clearly behind where Sookie was in the pilot episode as far as controlling his ability. Just being near a regular human's thoughts hurt him immensely.

- Also, Sookie, here's some extra FAIL for not mentioning: your stronger control over your telepathy has been aided by tasty, tasty vampire blood. Don't play that you did it on all your own.

- Jessica and Hoyt. <3 HOYT. So perfectly dorky. The way he answered his phone! Their hesitant conversation! Him reading his comic book to her! Dork love at first sight. I want to draw hearts all over them. That's how you do young vampire & human love, y'all.

- Lafayette was in strikingly darker clothes and makeup that he usually wears. It was interesting to see him so serious since we last left him...um...showing his house some V appreciation.

- Now to the main event Eric:

Wherever I am...there will always be women.

I wish take a picture of my face to show you how :D I look right now as I type that out. Man, that flashback kicked fucking ass. We learn the following of human!Eric: a) he inspired loyalty enough that his fellow Vikings were willing to wait for his death to give him the proper funeral he deserved, b) he is deliciously cocky. More funny Eric, please, c) he would have kicked Godric's ass for killing his men if he could've, and d) he was turned moments before death because Godric thought he was super-cool and wanted to be BFF with him. Forever.

Goddamn, that scene was hot.

Vaguely sure they're changing up Eric's backstory (from what I've been told, not what I've read) but I really dug what they did here. Fantastic introduction of Godric. I mean, True Blood trends toward melodrama and delicious cheese so I was not sure if Godric was going to be awesome or not but then he shows up and BAM, strange otherworldly creature CLEARLY ancient even in the flashback and oh man. I want to watch it again.

Ha, I just looked at the TWOP recaplet of the episode and Jacob says it better than I could ever attempt:

So the secret of Eric's obsession with Godric is revealed, and it's a not-entirely-surprising doozy: Godric's his maker. It's a classic love story, really: Eric was in the middle of his own Viking funeral when a feral Peter Pan tweener Celt decided to take time out of watching his Hannah Montana videos long enough to turn Eric into a vampire/boyfriend, proving that fanfic ate itself well before the internet was even invented.

I feel kind of dirty after finding out the actory playing Godric is only nineteen.

"I'll be your father, your brother, your son". It is so wrong I found that hot, damn you, Swedish language!

Oh and um, the Texan vampire was everything I'd hoped for, hat included.

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