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"We call her Aunt Tit."

Hello. I am currently flailing over Comic Con from afar. Tis most enjoyable. It's like all my current loves and old loves are there being awesome and sometimes kissing, sometimes dancing, but always twirling, twirling towards freedom.

And then John Barrowman makes a fanboy shriek of glee and falls down. All is right with the world.

A clarification on the last poll I made regarding Burton Guster (AKA he of awesome Psych fame) and his many nicknames. Tan, Ovaltine Jenkins, Lavender Gooms, and by default, Bud are all nicknames/aliases that Gus has acquired in the show. The name Shabby Thesealion, AKA Shabby The Sea Lion is the name of a dead sea lion that turned out to be murdered.

Cue The More You Know music.

I saw the latest Harry Potter movie on Thursday. Parts of it I really liked. Felt the ending kind of dragged but it was a vast improvement over Order of the Phoenix (a shame about that movie; I LOVE that book but felt the movie didn't do it justice).

Yesterday I watched Captain Jack Harkness's introduction to the Whoverse and I remembered why I loved him so. Meeeeeemories.

Um and I have been watching some episodes of Justice League and omg Michael Rosenbaum, you guys. O to the MG. He is awesome.

I shall save flail about SPN Spoilers Wot Make Me Happy for another time.
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