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"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things."

In 2007, during the insane race-to-the-finish to write my Big Bang (back when I was a proper writer and could actually complete a story and post it) my laptop broke. And it broke in a rather magnificent way. The screen cracked at the hinges holding it together. I used a temporary solution of keeping it clamped open but eventually the computer completely broke apart.

Fortunately since I got my computer from Best Buy, I went and had it fixed. By "fixed" I mean they sent it out and got a new screen put on it and it's been okay-ish ever since. Until yesterday when I adjusted my laptop and it made the noise. A not-so-subtle crack indicating the same process was beginning all over again, the hinges are going to fail and I am completely fucked.

My Best Buy coverage expired December, 2008.

EPIC unhappy face right now, you guys. EPIC.

I've sort of been getting used to the idea that I'd have to replace my laptop. The fan has been dying; I'd gotten one of those external fans to help it out (and it has, immensely). The issue is that all my computing life, I have been a PC user. Happily been a PC user in fact. I love Windows XP.

But my hatred of Vista is a hot, burning tornado of emotions trapped in a glass cage.

Also, I have an HP and yeah, I think I'm fucking done professionally with HP. I've had to replace my AC adapter three times and while the laptop keyboard has been perfect for me (omg the mousepad that you can turn off! back in the days of writing, that was such a bonus), that's not enough to make me consider that product.

I've used Dell and Toshiba. Owned a Sony Vaio when I went to college.

Now, at work I use a Mac. My parents wound up buying an iMac. I've gotten used to the quirks of the Mac operating system.

Argh. I think I'm going to start shopping for a Mac laptop. *steeples fingers*

Hullo, flist. What are your thoughts on yaoi Macbooks?

Likely, I'd wind up purchasing it through Best Buy because I have a credit card through them and can pay off the laptop interest free in 18 monthly payments. Unless I should purchase it at an Apple store or Tekserve.

I'm still trying to figure out what size I'd want and I'm trying to make sense of the listings at the Best Buy website. Not sure how much an impact a 15 inch screen versus a 17" screen would be for my genera viewing pleasure.

I use my computer for the internet (duh), TV/movie watching, iTunes, and I'd need to buy Mircosoft Word (or the Office Suite for Macs), for it is the word processor I know the best. So I don't know if I need ALL the bells and whistles.

Decisions, decisions. Talk laptops to me, you guys. Help me make an informed decision.

Also. How crappy are the speakers? Because. That's what I'll miss most about my laptop. The speakers kind of kick ass.

I blame everything on Windows Vista. It is a LIFE RUINER.
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