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Who am I? Clone Hiiiiiiiigh.

On Friday, I was a very diligent worker.

Stop laughing.

Anyway. Friday. There were like 4 people in at my job due to summer hours and I decided to lovingly annoy spam my twitter with Clone High quotes because it is one of the most awesome cartoons canceled way before its time.

Then I decided to see if there were clips up on youtube. Oh. My. God.

Someone has uploaded the entire series. Which, for say, someone who may be interested in checking it out or someone not in possession of the DVDs (hi there!), is excellent news.

Tonight, on a very special link to Clone High...

I love that the user named himself Mr. Bulterton. Heeeee.


I heavily recommend the series; not only does it awesomely mock teen shows but there's a lot of very familiar guest voices from the Scrubs world. Will Forte does the voice of Abraham Lincoln and he's terrific.

Go off! And tell me what you think about the musical episode where everyone starts smoking raisons. :D
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