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Suckie? Eric is FAAAAHN.

I do not appreciate True Blood transforming itself from "oh that cheesy vampire show on HBO that's decent but not all that" to "OH MY GOD, SWEET SWEET CRACK COME INTO MY ARMS FOR YOU ARE MAAAAAHN."

Ahem. Mayhaps I enjoyed last night's episode. But you'll never know unless you go beneath the cut.

Random thoughts:

- I was fucking stoked that there was so much Eric in this episode especially once he took off his jacket. You can judge me for being shallow and I am quite fine with that. I judge you for not appreciating ASkars killing it in this episode. He was magnificent, nay, he was lofty and kinglike. While also being worshipful of...

- GODRIC. You know. I was sold on his introduction scene when he "made" Eric. I had my ticket in hand and was thrilled to see him show up last week (um especially since what was about to happen was just...gyah). But he was pretty damn stupendous. Major kudos to the actor, projecting a very troubled, weary vampire done with all the petty fuckery that is the vampires interacting with humans. I'm sure that there's a lot more to his story. I am assured of this. I am also assured that he and Eric are hot like fire.

- Eric kneeling before Gordic caused my brain to short-circuit.

- I'd already been promo-spoiled but the conversation between Eric & Sookie: "He's your maker." "Don't use words you don't understand. "You love him a great deal." (paraphrasing, sorry) "Don't use words I don't understand." is fantastic.

- And it leads right into Eric telling Sookie to trust him (!!!) and ASkars doing a hilarious attempt as a dorky human. It's not a Southern accent at all, but more like, Eric parodying a human and I am still laughing over it.

- It's really interesting that Eric almost always hunches over or tries to downplay his size, which I can't help but contrast with the way he used his body in Generation Kill. ASkars's giant self was mostly disguised with a lot of careful blocking when acting with the wee actors.

- LOL @ any scene where Bill and Eric having to be in the same shot. Stephen Moyers looks so wee and it makes Bill being all "You ahhhhre nawt to spake to mah SUCKIE" extra hilarious. Right, Bill. Better try taking out Eric at the ankle, that'll stop him.

- I admit, I skimmed over the Maryann plot of "we are waiting until the finale to resolve this WTFery" madness. But OMG way to take a page out of Sweeney Todd with that meat pie. Oh, sorry, I mean "souffle".

- Ick, Tara & Eggs' sex scene. I am starting to feel sorry for Eggs now that it seems he really has no idea what's going on. I am not feeling sorry for that insane body. That twelve pack he's sporting is just not fair.

- Lafayette was fucking awesome in his only scene. And of COURSE he reads the tarot as well. Add that to the other ninety-seven things he can do. Damn, he is a survivor and a capitalist.

- Sookike looked really cute in that white coat. I still think she's better in scenes without Bill & the drag that is their ridiculous romance. Seriously Bill, you could have said, "my crazy-ass maker kept me from saving you". Wait, I am sorry, that is not overblown enough for Bill.

"Suckie, Ahh am deeply mournful that Ahh was unable to be THEY-air (aka there) for you in your tahme of need. Alas, the cruelty of mine maker, for she is vamPYRE as am I, prevented me from attending to you though Ahh swear I would have been by your saaaahde in an instant were Ahh able to escape Lorena. It was nawt until the opportunity arose when Ahh deeed bash her head in with an expensive plaaaaaasmah television that Ahh could answer the call of your sweet, sweet bluuuud. Now Ahh must mourn that Ahh have exposed maaaah true NAYture to you, Suckie."

Then Eric walks over before Sookie and Bill have make up sex (AGAIN) and says, "Hey they're finally allowing me to be funny, Sookie! Can I ask you what kind of dye you use to color your hair? We should match, girlfriend."

*end scene*

- My kingdom for a GIF of the Jason and Bill hug. Greatest non-Eric moment in the episode.


- And I end on Jessica/Hoyt for they are my squishy. Even with the D: D: D: of ETERNAL virginity. Jesus. Note to Hoyt: oral, sweetness. Go down on her a LOT. I've heard it's moral.

Why yes there are sprinkles of Generation Kill references hidden in my review. Good on you for noticing.
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