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True Blood: I Will Rise Up

Did you know that Godric knows over 2,000 sex positions and is twice as flexible as Eric?

I'm just saying.

I caved and read spoilers before watching True Blood because I am a bad person. Clearly I also hate myself because I was all *bites lip* upon reading that there was naked ASkars and here I was, WAITING TO SEE.

Alas, I did fall asleep before acquiring the episode.

HOWEVER. This morning? OH YES, I DID SEE THE NAKED ASKARS. I had to rewatch the scene to listen to the dialogue since I was too busy...let's say reading body language.

Laughing Eric is a good Eric.

A few thoughts, collected by simple dashes because I'm in that kind of mood:

- Hoyt is my King. He's such an absolute darling, Stepping up to his mama, randomly holding on to the ceiling (wtf?) to show us the Gun Show, and offering to make a tricked out cubby hole for him and Jessica...I continue to have hearts for eyes. AND THANK YOU FOR SAYING THERE ARE OTHER KINDS OF SEX. Jesus. Yes.

- Oh, Bon Temps revelers. That's the time I know I can put on my mascara; I'm not going to miss much.

- Except for Terry and Arlene's wonderful little scene. That was lovely and makes me hopeful even though my dreams will be crushed like a Lorena-sized buzzkill. (WTF times a million, y'all. How in the hell did she get into Sookie's head?)

- (I blame Bill. FOR EVERYTHING.)

- Lafayette kicks ass; Maryann even acknowledges.

- Poor, poor Tara. I foresee a hell for her in S3 if she remembers all of the shit she's gone through this season.

- Jason recognizing his flaws was a nice moment, as was the sibling moment between him and Sookie. WHY DO I LIKE JASON NOW? Goddamn it.

- I think the Godric/Eric stuff versus the Eric/Sookie stuff have me thinking the most. If I say I'm contemplating writing a short little Godric/Eric fic, I cannot be blamed, not with their final scene together with Eric BEGGING Godric. That they didn't kiss is kind of criminal for serious. The only consolation is that perhaps it was already taken care of prior to Sookie showing up.

- And why exactly did Sookie witnessed ALL of that intimacy between Godric and Eric? I guess that's where the complicated Eric/Sookie relationship is going to generate from, but like, I dunno. I felt Godric in relation to Eric was more important there than "and now Sookie will find Eric worthy to be up in her lady business".

As much as we got hammered over the head with "Godric is exactly twice my age" from Eric, it was pretty fucking huge for Eric to witness what could likely be his own end. At 1,000, Godric was a wild thing that thought himself Death and sought out a companion (ANVIL GOES BOOM), created one in his own image (BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM), fostered him in that delicious vampy way of father/brother/son (I WANT YOU IN MY ROOM), and was satisfied with what he created (LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER) and it was a bond that was supposed to last (FROM NOW UNTIL FOREVER).

But it didn't last (nothing does) and he was ready to meet the sun. And Eric desperately claimed he would stay there with him, which Godric rightly told him no (Eric loves life too much...for now). For what little screentime Godric had, the actor sure did a lot with it.

So what I'm saying is, where is my goddamn slash fic? DON'T MAKE ME WRITE IT. I haven't written vamp slash in a while. I'm rusty! I suck as a writer! *pouts*

But Godric! *whimpers*

Oh fuck it, a Five Things fic it'll be, quick and easy.

- Copypasta from a comment I left at another lj, but I need to mull over this: Bill's bitchery over Sookie ingesting Eric's blood is extra-annoying since there seems to be an unintentional implication that part of the reason why Sookie fell so hard so quickly for Bill would have therefore been sped up by Bill giving Sookie his blood way back in S1. (Didn't she have a sex fantasy about him shortly after that?)

And I really can't think too hard about the vampire blood logic fail. Lafayette had a sex dream about Eric, is that what you're telling me, Show? I accept it, but I mean, that's what you're saying. Do all V addicts have sex dreams about the vampire then? Does this mean that Jason was sexually attracted to Eddie?

Yes, that's the final thought I will leave you with. Jason went crazy out of his love of Eddie. Makes perfect sense.

Excuse me, I now must write serious fic where seriously nothing happens because I have no idea how to write what's in my head.

(Much like True Blood's plotting. OOOOH. Ice burn!)

I kid
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