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it's okay to chair dance when you're still on your lunch break.

Oh my fucking god, I have a four day weekend. Where I'm not just SLACKING OFF. I'm seeing people I very much like and we will engage in shenanigans. I am...sort of excited? What is this feeling I am feeling?

Why am I STILL listening to Lady Gaga's Paparazzi?

(Question for the ages: why does Alexander Skarsgard make for a pretty women while still being so tall and broad that he's totally NOT feminine at all? Also, those legs go on forever. Goddamn you and to quote your character, I would totally go lesbian for you.)

Because today I have such happy things (and I have plans! glorious plans! some of which involve annoying a jennem and an all_shine_on) in my VERY near future, I share with you things that are making me smile:

- typicrobots beautiful picspam of my two favorite scenes from Sunday night's airing of True Blood.

- True Blood Paper Dolls. Bill's underwear make me laugh but I need 150% more Eric paper dolls, thx. (Although I am digging Paper Doll Lafayette.)

- Do you enjoy RiffTrax? Do you want to go to a theater for a live riffing of Plan Nine from Outer Space? Further Information can be found here. I'd totally be down for it myself but tonight I am going out to dinner with my girls nariya, memphis86 and jennem

Where, you might ask? Well, that would be Perilla. Mwahahhahaha.

I totally watched Top Chef: Las Vegas and Top Chef Masters last night too. I think Top Chef Masters is my favorite easily, because everyone was not just insanely talented (duh) but they were not dicks. It's amazing to see chefs be adults in the kitchen. Heh. And I'd like to state for the record the only reason I watch Top Chef is because jennem got me hooked, um, what, three years ago? God, she's such a life ruiner.

Honestly I don't think I can let her sit next to me.

(At Perilla! :D :D :D)
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