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this is only a tribute post to the greatest post ever written

My awesome extended weekend/NYC-focused vacation is now over. It felt like it went by so fast! Already missing jennem and all_shine_on.

Things that have been accomplished:

- Venturing out onto the High Line. Unfortunately I walked up on Friday which was brutally hot for my pale ass and I had to cut the day short by heading home for a desperately needed rest (aka a cold shower and relaxing in air-conditioned bliss) before meeting up with my girls for dinner off of Union Square.

I definitely would love to go to the High Line again on a much cloudier day.

- Karaoke & all Karaoke-related celebrations on Saturday. I'm on a motherfucking Boat.

- Visiting the Met and partaking of some new rooms that I have breezed by on previous occasions. I didn't even visit the European painting wing. Huh. That was interesting.

- Yesterday, I did not spend enough time at the Museum of Natural History nor did I partake of their ridiculous cupcakes. Will have to rectify some other day.

Things you should know:

- Humidity is no one's friend.

- Fresca is the drink of gods and don't you ever forget it.

- Canadians can find each other through the tricky use of obscure hockey jerseys.

- jennem loves pwning idiots on Twitter.

- Despite a ban on talking about it in the museum, health care will always be discussed no matter the location.

- Extreme mammals are very EXXXXTREME.

- Oh my fucking god, excellent food served in tasty ways is fabulous.

- I need another weekend to recover from my weekend.

Note to nariya: you name the time & I shall be over your place making tasty fondue. :D Shall I bring you cider to drink as well or should we raid your liquor collection? And let us marathon something that is not Gossip Girl. ;-)

I still need to write up my very coherent and not at all capslocky thoughts about True Blood, say something about the SPN blooper reel that got released other than HOMG WHY SO FUNNY? & comment about the S5 promo (I am so fucking stokked), and well, a whole host of other things, which will be accomplished at random, as always.

Today I resisted purchasing books and Scrubs S8 off of Amazon because I am a grown ass woman and should only make "frivolous" purchases after much thought and consideration. After all, what's the point in having a flist if I can't ask you guys whether it's worth it to purchase the following two books:


I'm thinking of reading this book when I'm flying out to Denver in October. Worth it?

House of Leaves

What little I've read about it intrigues me.
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