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Alexander Skarsgard is a better person than you.

From my poll yesterday, the answer to When I appreciate an actor/actress in One of My Favorite Things, I hunt down obscure old movies/shows. Which actor have I NOT done this for? is...

Ben Browder.

God knows I love him and John Crichton is my ultimate boo but Ben's past filmography makes me sad in the face. I have seen his 5 second appearance in in Memphis Belle but that was due to my love of the Memphis Belle story; Ben was purely an accident. I got to walk around in the Memphis Belle when I was a kid. *_*

I still need to write 2 more drabbles (Kirk/Spock & Godric/Eric). Likely I shall be writing them while traveling home, listening to the I Am American (And So Can You) CD my office manager gave me. Life is good.

But the two drabbles I wrote yesterday include Chad Michael Murray. Pray for me.

This is the Greatest Drabble About a Pimp Medallion That Has Ever Included Chad Michael Murray
Starring Alexander Skarsgard and Chad Michael Murray
Word Count: 440

"I see that you are wearing my medallion. You must know this."

Sometimes Chad hates tall people being tall at him. Sure, Chad's tall and yeah, he's usually cruising the shorties (and the honeys, awww yeah), but it's not fair for some giant Norwegian guy to be all up in his business.

Chad is thinking of releasing a rap album. <>iStraight Outta Buffalo</i> has a sweet ring to it.

"Whatever. Why don't you go back to Norway and go cry to the lady in the wooden shoes? This necklace is mine."

Hunching his shoulders with an exaggerated sigh, the Eurodouche says, "I am Swedish. You see on the back of the medallion? It has my name. It is shaped after my back."

"That's stupid."

"It is a gift. Also it has my name."


"No?" Swedouche raises an eyebrow at him, easily lifting the medallion off of Chad's chest and turning it over, thumb brushing over the etched words. "It has my name here."

"ASkars?" Motherfuck a naughty college boy; he'd banked on using that as his rap name.

"A nickname." Chad is kind of queer close to this dude but he can't really back out of it, being tangled up medallion-first. It's kind of kissing distance. And super gay. "You must have a nickname of your own."

"Yeah. Some chicks call me Big Papa."

He laughs richly and like what Chad expects most Swedish people to sound like when they're not going Bork Bork Bork all the time. "You are very funny and strange. My name is Alex. Now, my medallion, please."

"Look, what if I told you this was a good luck medallion. It gets me laid, okay? I'm not giving away this good mojo. Get another one."

They've been standing so close that it's weird when Alex steps back, frowning. "You are saying I am bringing sexy back?"

"Hey," Chad says because he's awesome and he knows awesome things when they're happening, "You could be my sidekick."

"Fuck you," Alex says all Swedish and polite. "I am not looking for an asshole friend."

"I think you mean American friend."

"Same thing," Alex says, patting him on the back, an apology. He then wraps his arms around Chad, a hug that last a long European gay moment. Chad's junk doesn't react, there's just this breeze, okay?

"Um. Don't gay me up."

"Not doing that," Alex says, breaking the hug. There's a glint of something around his neck but Chad's kind of focused on his mouth. "See you around."

It's only when he's crashing the under 21 nightclub party that he notices his lucky medallion's gone.

Fucking ASkars.



Ring a ding dong. Heh. Dong. Get it?
Pairing: Misha/Chad
Word Count: 154

"Sometimes I think you use me for your twits."

"It's tweets, Chad."

"Whatever. Why do you want me to stuff as many of these ring-dings that I can in my mouth?"

"For science. And because I love you."

"That's gay."

"I would think you stuffing my balls in your mouth was gay. You were pretty gay last night."

"I was gay in the morning," Chad says, triumphantly. He grabs a bunch of the ring-dings and stacking them two by two, starts to shove them in his mouth. Smiling as Misha takes his photo is damn easy. He only chokes a little.

After he swallows, Chad says, "You put semen in these, didn't you?"

"A better question would be whose semen went into these highly processed dessert snacks?"

"I hate you."

"I know. I'll blow you in the shower once you brush your teeth."

It's hard to stay mad at Misha for very long.


And now for my amusement of the day, I bring you a youtube video of yet another reason why Alexander Skarsgard is better than you. It involves hideous 70's pornstache, possible guyliner, a white suit, ASkars rubbing oil(cream?) on his chest (!), singing, and me trying desperately not to giggle.

Alexander Skarsgard has lived a very Swedish life.
Tags: askars/chad, chad/misha, drabble, fic, rps fic
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