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And lo, there was fic...

But not the fic that was supposed to be posted. Er, what can I say, Buffy's taking her time?

So, I was like, "I'm going to work on fic, because I am now healthy as food poisoning has seemed to pass and I can stand up without being ill."

And I worked on a little of the B/A fic. And I thought about the Faith/Wes fic/plotbunny.

But what happens? Another fandom attacks me and suddenly I'm writing Seth (who I cannot write well) and (GASP!) a bit of Seth/Summer. Hee, I love the O.C. There, I've said it. I love that everyone on the show can pretty much be coupled together (so long as they're not related, because [Summer]Ew![/Summer]).

And I love that all the pairings in this ficlet are canon as far as I am concerned. (For I and Denial are the ultimate OTP!)

Now I shall stop rambling and giveth over the fic.

Author: Regala Electra
E-mail: regala_electra@yahoo.com
Pairings: (by order of appearance) Seth/Ryan, Seth/Summer, Seth/Anna
Summary: Seth doesn't like knowing where it all began.
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual content, slash
Author's Notes: For now, a short O.C. fic. Geeky boys don't just get all the girls, they get all the guys too. As they rightly should. ;-)
Feedback: Feeds my insanity and is a balm for my soul. Ironic, that.


Where it begins he doesn't want to know. Because it's there and it's still there and he doesn't get why he feels it.

(Losing his concentration as they played. Ryan turned to look at him in the middle of their game just as Seth's guy took a massive blow and Ryan grinned and Seth lost his concentration and yeah, Ryan finally won.

His shifting away from Ryan's body was just a need for some space as Ryan pumped his fist victoriously in the air. Seth never realized how hard he'd fallen until he was too far gone.)


Summer giggles as he blows too hard on her bellybutton and he ignores breaking his record, because this isn't a game and he has to just kiss her, just taste her.

Not taking any time and just aligning his body right and god, there is a happy place, oh yes, and he knows he's blathering on, most likely about her breasts, but she's smiling and she brings him back down for a long, long kiss.

And he knows it's always been her. Always.

(Hopelessly in love. It hurt, raw, but beautiful. When he first set sail how could he not name the same sensation of being free on the wild ocean after her? It was challenging the fates, knowing that anything could happen, that he could certainly drown, but it was worth it. It was Summer.)


Answering e-mails from Anna is strange but right. Whatever almost (and did) happen between them is now an uncomfortable thing that's sometimes used for sarcastic comebacks, but other times, is just a sore wound.

It doesn't matter that he rarely mentions Summer and she never asks about her, they have to come to an agreement over whether X-Men or X-2 was the better movie.

(Lying side by side reading comics books. This should be heaven, but instead his eyes drifted to her face and he wondered why nobody ever told him that sometimes, it just can't be, even when it's perfect.)


Later, when it's early morning and he's staring into his orange juice like some great answer is waiting there for him, Ryan walks up with a smile just for him, takes a too-close seat and says, "Hey man."

Ignoring that strangeness still buzzing in his stomach, he fakes a smile, and begins the routine, talking about so many inane subjects that even he has no idea what the hell he's talking about. If he keeps it up long enough, nobody will see where the facade ends and he really begins.

The End.
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