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gmail who told you that it's okay not to work?

I have not realized how much I need gmail until it stopped working. Ugh, service outages. I was in the middle of important True Blood related discussions.

And by "discussions" I mean talking about that time that Alexander Skarsgard told Kristin Bauer (Pam) she speaks Swedish like a Russian prostitute.

From an interview with True-Blood.Net:

Kristin Bauer: Well, in fact I’ve been meaning to get the Rosetta Stone for Swedish because I could have done more Swedish lines. We would be standing there on the set and Alexander would say something Swedish and Alan would say “oh say that in the take” and then he would say “and give Kristin something to answer back.” Well, you know, no pressure. So then we’d try to think of something that I could respond, that would make sense, that I could learn in one minute. And apparently the intonations of Swedish are very unique. So I thought I was a pretty good parrot but Alexander would just be laughing and he told me that I sound like a Russian prostitute. Because he went to see the episode, he had to do some additional sounds and he came back and I asked “how was my Swedish?” And he goes “well…not so good, but you’re a perfect Russian prostitute.”

The answer to "how does Alexander Skarsgard know what a Russian prostitute sound like?" is answered here but it's more entertaining to let your imagination run wild.

Post-work I am taking a dance class (eeeep) and then crawling back to my apartment to lovingly stroke my roommate's S4 SPN dvds.
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