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Supernatural Makes Twitter Lose Its Collective Shit. I watched S4. Somehow this post matters.

Here's my ultimate Fandom Secret: I love the fuck out of Supernatural.

I am fucking DYING that people on twitter seriously flipped over the #luciferiscoming tag so much that Twitter had to remove it from trending topics. L to the OLZ forever.

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, this summary will give you the learning that shall make you a better person.

You should take this poll by memphis86 while you're at it. I was going to make a poll of my own but hers is much funnier. Although I am personally refusing to vote as there is no cake option in the Chad Michael Murray question.

Now, back to glee about Show and the SHOWY things it does to me. Do you not remember anything at all about season four? Because if you don't, missyjack has an awesome recap here that gets to the core of the many provocative dynamics and intense storylines that penetrated Supernatural's fourth season.

I am still waiting for Sam and Dean to have a Meaningful Conversation on a boat with a viaduct serving as their breathtaking scenery.

Lazarus Rising

I kind of love this one best of all the episodes in S4. DEEEEN. SAM. LIES AND THE LYING LIARS WHO TELL THEM. A FUCKING ANGEL. What is this madness and is it on Thursdays at 9pm?

Are You There, God? it's Me, Dean Winchester.

I like scenes of this episode very much but I found myself drifting off towards the end. I think Meg & Henriksen had the most powerful scenes.

In the Beginning

I need to rewatch. Time travel episodes are weird for me since I instantly apply Sci-Fi rules, especially of the Farscape variety. Basically I treat Dean's time travel as a mish-mash of the "rules" Farscape used: yes, Dean was involved in seeing the grisly and unfortunate end to Mary's parents but something similar happened already but we don't get to see how it Originally Went Down since Dean was there pulling a fake Marty McFly. Dean's actions were not going to disrupt the timeline since it seems that angels can toss people back in time to see and not to alter.

Which is weirdly like the Doctor Who episode Blink. And now I'm creeped out. Don't close your eyes.

Also, thanks SPN, for making the Yellowed Eyed demon seal the deal with Mary while in her dad's body. I enjoyed shrieking during my initial view and I look forward to making a DNW face the next time.


I have no desire to rewatch. Although it makes the Sam = I'm a MONSTERRRRRRRRR parallels more hilarious with Sam's late season blood drinkery.

Monster Movie

I love this episode so much I'd put on the gown for it. Have rewatched twice and love it pieces.

Yellow Fever

Anytime it's suggested we put this on, my reaction is meh. Didn't care for the plot and while Jensen's Eye of the Tiger is epic, I get bored with the overall episode.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

I liked this a lot on initial viewing but I still haven't watched it via DVD yet. Will save it for Halloween-time as it seems a good episode to get me into the Halloween spirit. Astronaut!

Wishful Thinking

"We're teddy bear doctors." This is a pretty good episode that has some sketchy consent issues that make me very D:.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Do you know what flavor of Winchester I love best? FUCKED UP. Go Fucked Up Sam, GO.

Heaven and Hell

LOLZ Titanic scene. Hilariously I watched this episode absent fandom reaction and LOVED IT SO MUCH only to come online later and found that fandom was torn between "it was okay I guess" and "BURN IT WITH FIIIIIIIIRE". I wrote a long manifesto (hand-written!) about my Theories about angels, for lo, that does make my brain start a whirring but decided never to post it. I think reaction about this episode is pretty much the same as it was that fateful night. I'm okay with being wrong on the internet for this episode. It means I can watch Show and enjoy it.

Family Remains

The nonsensical layout of the house continues to pain me greatly. I cannot be held accountable for the ranting that ensues when this episode is within hearing distance of my person.

Cris Angel is a Douchebag

Oh, I haven't rewatched this one yet. I loved it very much for many reasons: good guest stars, painful "lesson" to the boys about how their story ends, and a pretty solid plot. Plus, maaaaaaagic.

After School Special

I'm a heeeeeero. I'm sorry, Brock Kelly, but on rewatch, me and my crew may have said that line constantly. Colin Ford is amazing and remains awesome while doing so.

Sex and Violence

HOOOOOOOOOOOYT. That is now what is most memorable about the episode. Yes, I know the subtext rapidly became text but DUDE. Hoyt made SamnDean fight for his love. YES.

Death Takes a Holiday

I don't want to watch Pamela die again. :-(((((((((((((( Also I continue to be irrationally angry at Sam for lying to the poor ghost-child. Seeing Tessa again was fabulous, though. And duh, of course the angels are lying liars who lie; they're on Supernatural, aren't they?

On the Head of a Pin

LOVE. IT. SO. And you can't make me ever un-love it, 'k?

It's a Terrible Life

One of the best AU/amensia-type hours of TV I've ever watched. Extremely rewatchable, especially when Jared and Jensen are supernova smoking when out of the blue filter. Zachariah's introduction is excellent. I would also like to thank this episode for giving us the awesome that is the Like a Boss SPN vid since...Dean is totally Like a Boss.

The Monster at the End of the Book

I haven't rewatched this one as of yet but I do have to say this is the episode that I've changed my mind the most about after my initial viewing. Normally my reaction tends to stand but this one took some thought and I had to get over my major issue with the episode. Which isn't ZOMG SPN touched me in my fandom bathing suit area. No, my beef is that Lilith's offer to Sam made no fucking sense. On reflection, it does make sense for Lilith to experience her "moment of doubt" in a twisted satanic religion way; she doesn't want to be the sacrifice when Lucifer rises, she wants to LIVE and rule by his side. Still, why she thinks her offer would appeal to Sam at all continues to be baffle me and made Sam's actions not much of a shock since we knew he was going to turn that shit down. But learning more about archangels was pretty cool.

Jump the Shark

LOL. Yeah, as I am not a fan of John Winchester, this episode gave me more reasons to be glad that he's dead. (Sorry, Dean.) I liked the twist but it doesn't give me much interest in rewatching this one now that I know the Other Brother was dead all along.

The Rapture

JIMMY. *pinches his doomed cheeks* I loved the opening scene. Dean's comforting dreams are of him fishing. *UNF*

When the Leevee Breaks

I do like that people continue to discuss whether Dean and Bobby Did The Right thing for Sam. I thought it was a necessary step in finally getting Sam to his unfortunate end game (opening up the final seal). Goddammit, people, I just want some fucking evil Winchesters, okay?

I will also accept Boy Fights.

Lucifer Rising

A+++ would raise Lucifer again.

Now, I am ready for tonight. We've got Show to watch. *closes trunk lid of '67 Chevy*
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