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Supernatural: Wherein there is Sympathy for the Devil

I don't know what you crazy kids were up to but I was watching Mega Sam versus Dean Octopus.

Sometimes I make clever jokes. The above was not an example of such.

I'm kind of having a little difficulty writing up a post as I liked the premiere SO VERY MUCH and I'm still processing it.

Also I am watching Project Runway as I try to type this up and I am easily distracted.

Oh look, a butterfly. *runs off to pull its wings*

Points of Interest:

- A forgiveness that comes easy after the dismantling of Sam and Dean's faith in each other would not have sat well with me. I have no doubt that this season will deal in great depth about Sam and Dean coming back to each other.

- Heh, heh. Coming.

- Seriously, those boys are each other's sun and moon and everything in between. They are not even on a break. They're on a rest stop, eating donuts.

- Lucifer was really working the sympathy angle on poor Nick. Y'know after the buckets of blood in the baby crib. D: D: D:

- But I love that Lucifer appeared as a Woman in White. And that the actress rocked it. Ooh and that Lucifer and God bibleslash? Totes on the table. Looks like Lucifer went to Splitville, Population: Satan (a hamlet of Murderville).


- The whole opening had me rocket up from my lazy lie down on the couch. I ENJOY watching the show. Crazy, innit?

- New credits opening = nifty.

- LOL FOREVER AND FOREVER at creepster fan and the inappropriate touching. I dunno, I was amused by all of it. Yes, Jensen Ackles is a hideous disappointment.


- Dean is a sword.

- Your logic is invalid.

- Castiel burned a fucking sigil in THEIR RIBS. WHAT. I love you, Show.

Because my brain is shutting off at the AWESOME, three final things:

- Bobby in 3 faces: :-] ;_; !!! (that is totally a Face)

- MEG. ♥ ♥ ♥ I thought the actress was really great. Nailed the voice and mannerisms.

- I plan on watching the next episode to see what happens next.
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