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Supernatural: Sympathy for the Devil

Vessel, Vessel. Who's got the Vessel?

So where does the line start? From the Winchester side (meaning that John would be a carrier for whatever it is that makes someone a vessel) or from the Campbells? Because from what we saw in The Rapture, it's passed on from parent to child. So. Who's on first, who's on second? Doesn't that mean that Sam's a vessel too or did Azazel's fuckery with the Psychic kids make Sam less vessel-y (scientific term)? Was the plot to seek out Psychic Kids a search to pollute potential vessels?

Why do I ask myself questions that Kripke would handwave away and say "A wizard did it!" BUT WHY WAS THE FLYING HORSE DIFFERENT IN THE NEXT SHOT? Tell me that, Xena.

Did the angels just guesstimate (wtf that shows up as an actual word) that Dean was the Michael's condom vessel after he went to Hell and was on his way to breaking open the first seal?

Like, was Michael's vessel supposed to start the seal breaking fun times (look out for the loose seal!) and that's how they figured out who was the special sword of Michael? ("I'll take Swords for $200." "That's...'S'-Words.")

For funsies, let's speculate that Sam and Dean somehow manage to make it to the final boss ol' Lucifer and destroy poor Nick, the much tormented vessel. Could Lucifer hop into Sam's body? I mean, what's so great about Nick? Hm? Sam is just as cute as Nick. Sam is just as smart as Nick. People totally like Sam just as much as they like Nick. And when did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody, huh? Because that's not what the apocalypse is about. We should totally just stab Nick!

Then Dean, horrified that they again fumbled the game and let Lucifer take over Sam's hotass body, says "totes mcgoat" to Michael and we get the most epic boyfight ever.

I bet you could sell DVDs of that fight.

Seriously, I need more explanations about that wot makes a vessel do the voodoo it does so well.

Can Dean only hear the dulcet tones of Michael because he seems to be a little Hard of Angelic Hearing. So is Sam, apparently. What's that all about?

It's an homage, jackass

I like how Kripke used almost the exact exchange in Galaxy Quest:

"I know it's not real."

"It's real."

"I knew it!"

Galaxy Quest did it better. I mean, Justin Long's character there helped the fuck out of the poor Galaxy Quest crew. Becky...delivered a message and kept touching Sam. Okay, that still cracks me up.

Something's Wrong in Angelville, Population: Asshats

Hey remember when we found out that there are Secret Lucifer Sympathizers in the angelic army? Since, y'know, Uriel was axing (a question to) angels who didn't agree with the Down with Humans plan? Yeah, that's kind of a problem.

God's Away on Business, you guys. Either that or God's playing skee-ball. (God needs to be played by a woman. I approve of Cate Blanchett, FYI.)

The higher up angels has been manipulating this war from the get-go when they saw a shot to get at their old enemies. Screw the civilians (humans), they're just collateral damage.

Man. I love that the angels are totally assholes and that it seems that Zachariah and his crew have no fucking clue that there's a significant portion of the army pro-Lucifer.

You guys are screwed.

FYI is Michael just chilling like a villain up in heaven, hoping thatwhen the Winchester plans will go so wrong (oh, that'll never happen!) Dean will just have to suck it up and suck Michael up? Because. Seriously, only one vessel for him?

Man. You guys are lucky that Dean didn't die all the other times he died.

This is so wrong but it feels so right.

I kind of want to take Becky's fanfic and fill in the blanks of the story around the clavicle licking. I would have to throw in every fanfic cliché known to man.

Hey, I'm a horrible person.

Also, I miss writing full on porn. Thanks for reminding me I've been slacking off, Show!

Mystery Spot Taught Sam all the wrong lessons.

I genuinely think the Trickster, in his Trickster-like way was trying to teach Sam a lesson. (For, you see, his one armed man couldn't show up so the Trickster did the next best thing by killing Dean a lot.)

Sam took the wrong lesson to heart. I thank him for it as his awesome S4 arc rebooted Lucifier v. 2.0.

Lucifer is looking pretty fascinating already. He's not doing bad stuff for bad reasons. He's mad at God for letting bad things happen. Clearly the solution is more violence.

Final Thought: Whodunit?

Who pulled Sam and Dean out of that spot (that apparently did blow itself up good)? The Devil or God?

It would make sense for God to be able to restore an angel (hi, Castiel!).

Second part to the question, AKA the hard part: why?

I love the description of God in Good Omens. He's a cards dealer who smiles all the time. That's quite apt.
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