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True Blood: How Bill Compton ruined my Shake Shack Shake

More thoughts about tonight's True Blood episode tomorrow.

For now, I'll share one thing.

It came to me so violently I made an epic unhappy face while riding on the train for you see, I was heading home after watching the finale live with elrina753 and memphis86 at raelala's apartment.

Only Memphis can attest to the face I made. Then I started laughing because screaming would probably scare my fellow passengers.

Sam drank Bill's blood, right? And now we know for sure that ingesting vampire blood = sexy dreams.




I'm going to go scrub my brain now.

Goddamn you, Bill Compton. YOU ARE RUINING MY LIFE.

Not even Askars can save me now.

FYI: Bill continues to be the worst maker ever.
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