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the miseducation of Regala Electra

Normally it takes a miracle to make me change my icons since I'm fully uploaded (damn you, LJ, give me more icon slots!).

However, I would be greatly appreciative if y'all could show me where to find some good stuff. Your favorite icon makers: who what where & why. Specifically, I want to upload icons for True Blood, Generation Kill and Glee. Yeah, I said it. Glee.

Glee is where I go to be happy. I await doing clappy hands at 9pm tonight.

Addendum to the point I just made: any of my current/past fandom loves will always be welcomed rec-wise if you know of any awesome icon makers doing like, Buffy icons or something.

(And duh, SPN. I'm weak, yo.)

I have to make an embarrassing slog to the outskirts of hell (Times Square) today in the hopes that i can acquire an umbrella I foolishly left at a restaurant on Saturday. I suuuuuck and am KIND of embarrassed that I kept putting it off so today I am forcing myself to go and risk the rage that naturally comes when having to navigate hell.

#Luciferiscoming because those bitches in Times Square ruined his trip to Sephora.

Wait, that was me. While I did indeed go to Sephora on Saturday and actually hit up both Sephoras because if you're going to go to one in Times Square, why not visit the other because makeup: I need more of it, obviously.

I only bought my standby eyeshadow, Urban Decay's Vapor. Shiny silvery eyeshadow, ILU.

Bah, I just wrote up an immense real life ramble about stuff that felt really good to hash out but I deleted it in favor of not preserving my bitchery to lj. Instead I will affix a tiny note: it's okay to be annoyed about things but I must not allow it eat at me because then I get moody and irritable.

Instead I will advise you to take a listen to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill as that was one of my favorite albums when I was a teenager (truefax I bought maybe about ten CDs when I was a kid because I liked to spend my money Not on Music). I was listening to "Doo Wop (That Thing)" and fell in love all over again.
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