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Supernatural: Good God, Y'all

This was a good episode and Sera Gamble should feel good about writing it. I didn't even ping that it was her writing as I wasn't paying attention to the credits.

No I seriously loved it and coherency is the reserved for Fridays, soooooo...points of interest:

- The Amulet or How the hell did Bobby get that damn thing in the first place?

The mystery's finally solved: Dean's amulet is a god mood ring. LOLZ. But I like the origins of the ring. Bobby gave it to Sam to give to John as a Christmas present but since John Winchester is the best father ever, Sam gave it to Dean.

The demons thought John was their righteous man and it wound up being Dean. HMM, I say.

- Ellen!

- Rufus!

- Jo!

- SHOW. Why are you being awesome.

- Who gave SPN back their music budget because whoever did? I love you.

- War (GOOD GOD, Y'ALL) was rocking and perfect even though he was not a ~sexy~ redhead. Heh.

- I fucking LOVE that Dean figured it out by using his brain, asking questions and THINKING. We meet again, Smart!Dean. You may touch me in the under the sweater area.

- I like that Dean offered up the impala. Because if he's giving up his baby that means even though he's still really hurt and unsure of the fracture between him and Sam (hey fractures heal, give it a couple of episodes), the car will always be Dean's as long as Dean's alive. So Dean says, take the car. It's a promise.

- Maaaaaan I am loving this rift/broken bridge (oh hai) between them. The reunion's gonna be sweet.

- I fell in love with Sam Winchester all over again in this episode.

- Castiel continues to be lolarious and I hope he makes a stop at the Jersey Shore because HINT. I think God's there, yo.

- Sigils on a rib cage never looked so pretty.

- GOD GOOD. This episode was faaaaaaabulous.
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