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Supernatural: Free to be You and Me

memphis86 made a HORRIBLE point to me. If John Winchester is Dean as God is to Castiel (um, and Raphael & assorted angels)...does that mean I have to be annoyed with God?

I...don't like John Winchester. WHY CAN'T GOD BE PLAYING SKEEBALL?


J/K. J/K.

I very much liked this episode and thought it the necessary next step re: Dean feeling what it's like not to breathe family, let me tell you internets, as a kind of homebody all about my family kind of person, those first moments living your own life independent of them does kind of produce Dean's reaction at the end of the episode. But he wasn't being 100% honest (I'm going to shock you but sometimes Dean lies about how he feels).

I have no doubt he will realize that he and Sam must fight together, that together they fight best.

Also, they are the motherfuckin' vessels for the top 2 angels: Lucifer and Michael. Lucifer, God's first and best, the most beloved, who fell so hard and MIchael who cast him out. Michael, who will leave Dean worse off that pool Raphael's vessel.

I am so fucking happy they confirmed Sam IS the vessel for Lucifer. Thank you, Show.

A few points before I fully collapse since I went to the gym pre-show and then I drank during show and I am tiiiired:

- I looooooove Jess for all of time. Adrianne is so different on Friday Night Lights and I love that Jessica is, for a character who has appeared in like 3 episodes, so Jess-like.

- I approve of shirtless Sam. (Tatto!) And Sam's arc. I do not approve of the name Keith.

- SRSLY, Keith?

- I fucking died at the MUSIC. Simple Man has been a go-to SPN song for me for a looooong time.

- Lucifer is being played beautifully. He will never lie to Sam or trick him. He's super-compassionate. He just wants to take over Earth and kill God. Who is totes dead. TOTES.

- I love that the Angels basically went all TL;DR on Earth and decided to Post Their Opinions on Earth, aka Bring Paradise because they skimmed the headline and they are just BORED, okay? Angels = ONTD posters.

- It is not fun to be a vessel for the mega angel.

- Nor is it fun to be attacked by a Mega-shark but that's another tale for another day.

- If I start talking about Castiel I will never stop. So in five moments:

--> VIRGIN ALERT - Dean believes his second-greatest mission on earth is de-virginizing EVERYONE apparently

--> Awkward car rides are awkward when you can't just whisk Dean away to a week of digestive problems (TMI, Dean, TMI)

--> Lolz you're my little bitch. I fear what new phrases Castiel will pick up from Dean.

--> Castiel is so HUG YOUR BROTHER in secret undertones to Dean.

--> Seriously, I ADORE HIM. How was Jerusalem? Arid.

(Dean/Castiel shippers, y'all had a good time. Yo go, Glen Cocos.)

In conclusion:

Sam is pretty.

Dean is pretty.

Those boys are pretty screwed. But we got to see fighting!Sam and Dean working a case (lol Castiel with the upside down badge) and those boys are so gonna join up again to Fight the Good Fight.

Um. In conclusion, we have confirmation that Sam is Lucifer's vessel and I'm so fucking happy that was confirmed.
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