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Supernatural: The End

I did indeed see Supernatural's latest episode in the wee hours of Friday morning but as I did not post about my thoughts yesterday and I'm pretty sure no one cares all I'll say is:

That was awesome. I would like more.

Man, the angels are diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicks.

I am sad we were denied a beard-off between Misha and Jensen because Jensen was pulling double duty as Past and Future Dean.


(she's thinking about beards again.)

Sam Winchester, you pretty son of a bitch: I admire you for calling Dean for the Truth about the Lucifer vesselitude and thank you, sweet Lucifer, for getting spiffy for the Future Dean showdown. I see you've been watching Constantine. (This thought was originally sparked by the lovely grayscaled so full credit AKA the promise of a purchased alcoholic beverage of your choice is guaranteed.)

(I can get away with so much when no one reads my Thoughts About Show.)

The Terminator style ending (I am not counting T:3 and whatever-the-fuck happened in the 2009 Terminator movie) of Team Winchester vowing to fight together and break the assumed destiny is the stuff of which I mightily co-sign with a sparkly pen. Nay, a gel pen. That's right, I'm doing it old school.

They took a big step in possibility not being complete dumbasses for once. I'm sure things will go horribly wrong, I gleefully anticipate it but this is the first for a long time that they've finally got it right without there being Secrets and Lies holding them back.

OMG WILL WE STOP HAVING CONFESSION CODAS AT THE END OF EPISODES? I have been denied my hope of a viaduct confession in a tiny rowboat. Dammit.

Here is where I acknowledge that Sam and Dean are so gay for each other omg seriously, just make out on screen why don't you.

Um. In conclusion, satin panties because I'm classy like that.

I started writing a fic about that, with cocky (heh) 19 year old Dean and that awesome lady but I stopped because a) my writing suuuuucks and b) someone's else probably done it already and it's fabulous.

Now I shall think about Two Deans and giggle some more. Also, since I wrote that Time Traveler's Wife take on Sam and Dean, having two Deans on screen was seriously like...beautiful. Oh broken Future Dean! How did you break more? Goddamn.

Ahhhh, I think it's time for another rewatch.
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