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And I shall tell you, beyond the telling of it all...

Okay. My resolution for the next year?

I'l be 20 years old in thirty minutes and I'm getting a fucking new job, getting a goddamn boyfriend, stop getting crushes on guys that have no interest in me, and develop a program to inject all teenagers with hormones that make them behave like civilized humans when they're in public places.

So here's what happened. I'm busting my ass at work, doing three jobs at once, taking orders, working on the fries, hepling with drive thru. Teenagers are all over, trashing the place like the nasty little bastards they are. Now, I shouldn't say Teenagers, I should say, "High School Students." And by that, I mean, from my former high school, a place of degenerate white kids who act like they're hot shit when really, they're just skany putzes.

Anyhoo, I'm busy and stuff, when this guy, drunk off his ass, ROARS, "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BEER? I KNOW YOU HAVE IT, GIVE ME MY GODAMN BEER!!!"

Apparently, R had thrown it out because she was cleaning the disgustingly messy tables and no one had claimed it (PLUS it's illegeal to drink inside).

This asshole is screaming and yelling, he looks like he's ready to fucking attack someone. He throws food at the counter and he and his lame posse get kicked out, but he nearly get into a fight with another coworker (who's sort of a friend, and he was really pissed at the antics of this asshole); his friends have to hold him back from doing something, like getting into a fight.

My manager calls the police and kicks everyone out, locking the doors. Suddenly, I'm asked to grab paper and a pen, and the kid's license plate number is written down. The police come a few minutes later. We tell the story, no one was attacked, but we were threatened...and they say they'll look into it.

Which means that drunk asshole, who claimed he was 21, but was wearing a high school jacket, will probably get off scot-free.

I left immediately after that. I'm off tomorrow, it's my birthday.

Time to finish my resume and start looking for someplace else to work.

Thus ends my last day of being 19.

Fucking teenagers.
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