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Supernatural: Fallen Idols

winchestercon is where all your dreams can come true. And by that, I mean Vodka mojitos are an utter delight and my roommates have procured Strongbow from the liquor.

Life is good + super classy.

Plus, should you ever have TV issues, please make sure you have ignited with you because she is the MAGIC and will solve all problems with said magic.

Because I didn't get to post last night I remember nothing about the episode because the preview blew the holy fuck out of my mind oh shit did you see that because it was epic and I think I got a little pregnant from it oh my god.

That is a lie. That part about nothing remembering the episode, that is.

A few details because it is early as fuck:

- SAM IN SCRUBS. I approve although I question his autopsy skills.

- Dean fanboying the car was quite beautiful as was his holy terror of getting killed by it. A point made by others and myself: um, why not try to memorize the engine number or write it down, you weirdo? Or...if both of those are beyond your grasp, pull a BINGO and call out the damn numbers to Sam (who may memorize or write them down at his leisure).

- Paris Hilton was...Paris Hilton. So if you really despise her, seeing her chopped off head was quite gleefully glory.

- Dean Winchester has not seen House of Wax. Which is a pity because I'm sure he'd quite enjoy that Tall Fellow who also has a role in that movie.

- You know, SamNDean's relationship talks really could not sound gayer if they tried. BUT. They are working things out! For once! By admitting their fuckups! What is this world, I don't even.

memphis86 made flappy hands every time they had these conversations because of their rom-com-y nature and would like to compare and contrast these convos. I just want to set the conversations to What I Like About You. Then they can dance in their underwear and sing into hairbrushes.

- Dean not knowing who Gandhi is was pretty lame but I think I can forgive it for Sam saying "Fruitarian." Heeeeeeee.

- Abraham Lincoln is a terrifying robot! Read all about it in Obraham Linbama's part 137/? fanfic.

- This episode is 100% loony_moony approved.

- I do not know ignited's feelings about the episode so I am going to say her favorite part is when Sam spoke Spanish.

SORRY TO SAY but omg ow that Spanish.

- To leave this on a brighter note, Dean giving the keys to Sam was an awesome moment.

I really dug this episode, guys. What did y'all think?
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