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bad things, bad things

Ugh I saw something-or-other that the Halloween Parade this year may be scaled back? If so, MEGA-lame. I love the parade and this year wanted to judge costumes based off of the Cher Chart. *sad WOO sans hairflip*

I am missing Psych right now. The things I sacrifice when I go home to visit the folks. And by "going home" I mean doing laundry, going to the doctor, going coat shopping: you know, real quality family time. Nah, it's all good; my family is busy doing other stuff. That's how family works, yo. You go visit when you have stuff to do and they don't have time to be entertained by their long lost family member who got off the train suffering from a death plague.

(Not really. Just an annoying cold that I want to GO AWAY, THANKS.)

Argh I want to put a clamp on my nose. That's probably not a good idea, right? But it would relieve the pressure.

Thinking about Sunday is what is keeping me from being a pathetic sickie at the moment. No need to be all bummed out when there's the promise of Where the Wild Things Are. I'll keep on knocking myself out with the right cold meds and be in better shape by then. Or...else.

I look forward to bed tonight. I think I will have dreams of Glee because I watched some spoilerly clips and OMG Glee is slowly claiming a part of my soul at this point, for serious. If I wrote fic, I'd write EPIC Glee fic and by epic, I mean porn and by fic, I mean, I don't write fic.
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