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Supernatural: The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

Bits Wot I Liked

- "Change we can believe in." Dean Winchester, if only you knew the PLANS I have regarding that line.

- "Stay classy." omg

- "Extra bacon." Better bacon up that pork, boy!

- Everything Bobby.

- Actory playing Old!Dean was perfect. He got Jensen's head waggle thing he does when saying something Dean's uncomfortable discussing which I hadn't even realized was SUCH a Dean thing to do.

- *clap clap clap*

- Dean Winchester has no problem walking on over and inspecting a dude's junk. I mean, he seriously had to take an intensive look to see that birthmark even if was a "large" one. Heh.

- Sam is pretty.

Bits Wot I Petted Show's Head and said, Oh, Show:

- The plot resolution felt way off. As ignited it was such a ff.net ending: "lolz I got bored here's my ending, R&R plz!!!!!!!11111111"

- Didn't like the man-witch.

So the episode felt pretty mediocre but it had some good bits and now I get to annoy Stef about writing old!Winchesters. If she writes it, I will write a vignette from Ben Has Two Dads.

And you can quote me on that.

In conclusion:

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