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You're about to board the Sue Sylvester Express. Destination: Horror.

It is the eve of Halloween and I feel terribly unprepared for pretty much everything. I'm dashing out of work early to catch a hellish commuter's train out to see the family for exactly one night and a bit of tomorrow morning. Saddened that random acts of lols are for some reason EVIL and I'm getting kinda sick of being polite to others who are pretty much the antithesis of that. Meh I suck at being responsible except when I am able to put together fancy proposals that no one wants to see. :-( (That's a work woe.)

Plus I am quite put out that the number one item on Colbert's Threatdown is (OMG SPOILER) Sexy Costumes.

Don't judge. I mean, you can go as Sexy anything, there's millions of possibilities...and frog.

I hereby submit my proof via youtube:

The "Sexy Jesus" bit distracted me and i had to hunt down "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus" and give it another listen. Oh, Hamlet 2.

I think if I show up to the NYC Halloween parade tomorrow, I would be the only one dressed as Cher so I think I'm going to go as a Me which is not a costume at all but one Cher without a full Cher choir is a sad thing indeed.

FYI: the next zombie dance should be set to Single Ladies. I would give extra credit to zombie FOOTBALL players rocking that song. *nods head wisely*
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