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Make It Work does not equal Make It Boring

I've been rewatching a bit o' Project Runway S2 & S3 which has really brought to my attention how utterly craptacular S6 of PR: Los Angeles truly is when seeing some really innovative and cool fashion created several years ago with often tougher challenge requirements.

It's sad but I don't think I even want to bother watching this year's finale. The final collections have been up for months and the designers themselves aren't engaging. Not even the "Bitch" designer - she'd have been eliminated middle of the pack in any other season even the borefest that ultimately was S5 after Terri was eliminated (Terri! Come back and make pants for no one in S6 has a fucking clue). And S5 largely suffered from coming after S4 where some insanely talented people created some ridiculously awesome designs so any cast after that was bound to suffer a little but S5 had the drag queen challenge which was fucking perfection.

Sometimes I feel like even Tim Gunn is phoning it in when it comes to pretending to care about the designers of LA. I mean, these folks are terrified of color and no one can work a pattern like Uli could.

Meh. I don't even know if Project Runway coming back to NY will improve it all that much if the same "new" production crew still has their hands all over PR.
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