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What a fun, sexy time for you.

If you can place the quote I used for the subject header...then you probably cheated and used Google. Damn you. *shakes fist* I was gonna offer to write you up a drabble. Do you see what happens when you intenet-cheat?

I might have even baked you a delicious cookie. Then I would have eaten it and told you how tasty it was. Joking! I'm making brownies tonight.


I referred to the internet as the "interwebs" to my dad this weekend (as I was a-visiting) and he mocked me for it. Whatever, saying interwebs is hilarious, especially when pronounced intah-webs which is probably how it sounded coming out of my mouth.

Then we watched Jon Stewart glorious mock Glenn Beck using the power of satire. Good times.

Curiosity Sated:

I finally got to see Sims 3 up and close and meh. Didn't find it much of an improvement from Sims 2. The only thing that would tempt me would be the ability to place furniture on an angle as that would resolve so many of my design conundrums because I'd like to build on angles but my goddamn Sims can't function in a world of angles and PROPER interior design plans. I suffer simplistic layouts and it hurts me so.

The faces/bodies of the Sims 3 are really creepy. The graphics quality felt a little too busy as well, which was a bummer. Too much texture makes me feel like I'm tripping.

That's okay. I have far too much fun dumping satellites on my Sims when they bore me and/or are fugly.

Ooh, and I finally had one of my teen Sims run away after his girlfriend cheated on him with his dad (um, it involves using age cheats, okay? All participants were legal during said indiscretion). Then after his (re-aged to teen) girlfriend beat him up twice, he just RAN AWAY. It was amazing.

Grossly, his dad still has the crush sign next to the STILL A TEEN girl (Violet). Oh Ben-Not-Browder. I did intend for you to be evil but did you have to be creepy too?

His son wants to become a criminal mastermind and clearly we can all see why he wants to pursue a life of crime.

You're in or your yacht:

I think I've watched too much Project Runway because my inner voice is sounding a bit Heidi Klum-Seal. That being said, weren't so many of Jay and Austin's (and Kara Saun's) creations for PR completely AMAZING? It's worth it to have a vaguely German accent in my head.

Notes on the future:

Personal To-Do: I need to write out my grocery list for Thanksgiving. You might think I'm planning waaay ahead but I'm in charge of the veggies and my main dish, the Cauliflower Gratin has some rare-ass ingredients. Manchego cheese, thou art a sneaky product when I seek you at Trader Joe's. Really looking forward to that vacation. Four days off never looked so sweet.

Fannish To-Do: IWRY fic! I wish nariya or alley_nyc could tell me what to write/what they would love to read. I'm mulling over a story set at the Getty museum because the last "new" episode of Project Runway reminded me of how much I loved visiting the Getty, even while on barely 4 hours of sleep, not my usual mode of functionality.

The trick is the writing part but I have this weekend and next to really focus on that. I'm thinking less dreamy like my last B/A fic, more grounded in reality? I think I want Faith to have a starring role. I dunno, I'm feeling a little Faith nostalgic, too.

I wrote some bits and bobs last week but they're pretty much unusable: not concentrated on any fandom, without any particular focus save on narrative-driven character pieces set in a jazz dive bar. It's sad because I can feel the characters forming but I have nowhere for them to go so I have to let them go away. Alas.

This is a Serious Conversation:

The business of writing up a contract to sell your soul to the devil is quite complex and has a tricky system of checks and balances.

I don't advise you to take part in a fiddle contest unless your name is John.

I want her shoes:

Congratulations. You are the winner of this competition of awesome.

In other words, good on both 'em. It's nice to see people who are happy with each other and secret big ol' dorkfaces; what else can you say? ♥
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