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Mish mash

Dude, I made highly enjoyable green tea banana smoothies. I was very surprised and happy.

I also made lemon-herb chicken, garlic fries (bless you, Trader Joe's), and string beans in a sesame oil, soy sauce, and garlic flavored sauce. Very lovely dinner and the 'rents and little sis enjoyed.

We actually watched Wonderfalls tonight, as my dad hadn't seen the last ep. Poor dad, always getting hooked on shows that don't last. I had to break the news to him that Keen Eddie had already been canceled when he got hooked on it during its airing on Bravo.

And I'm still getting crap for getting him all into Farscape. But hey, miniseries. Sometime in the future.

It's okay. There's always HBO. Of course, I try not to watch The Sopranos with either parent, because I just don't want to watch nudity or sex scenes with the family. I believe there's something vaguely emotionally scarring about that type of situation.

I'm a T.V. junkie, you see. And guess what movie was on today? One of the greatest figure skating movies evah. Cutting Edge, yo!



Almost missed the end of the movie because my mom decided today was the perfect day to plant a new bush or something-or-other in the front of our house. Luckily I avoided using my mad nonskillz at gardening because the Cuppy wanted to bike around the neighborhood and I happily elected to supervise.

Gawd damn, I totally lost feeling in my legs. But it was worth it, I haven't biked in a long time, it's my whole, not going outside thing. I'm a bit of a hermit.

And I avoid the sun because hi, I'm a redhead. My people freckle. I've carefully avoided the sun and almost all of my freckles are now invisible. Of course, this means that I am really, really pale. But I don't mind that. It's not like I'm ever going to get a tan.

Of course, after my mom did all this work, it rained. Heh.

ETA: Whoops, accidently disabled comments. Am dumbass.
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