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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Just finished House of Leaves after getting it from Amazon this weekend. Really enjoyed it. The structural stuff about the house were probably super-amusing to me due to my, erm, fondness for design layouts and whatnot. Mocking over-analysis academia footnotes was a pretty clever touch. However it totally re-awakened my anxiety about walking long, dark corridors and having something that you can't fully sense lurking behind. Heh. That's going to be fun to overcome again.

At least I didn't re-trigger myself with the only painting that scares the holy fuck out of me. (What painting?. A little ditty by Goya. Sitting in front of it up close for 30 minutes while extremely sick and dehydrated messed with my head.)

I'd say the name of the painting but I'm tired and don't want to wake up to some prankster deciding to spam my post with said image. That being said, I love most of Goya's work and will revisit museums just to see it ('sup, Frick Collection?) but yeah, there's one painting of his that unsettles me deeply.

Despite all this "please don't make me huddle under my blanket" wangsting, what I really came here to post was a curious little question regarding Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Supernatural. Has anyone found fics using the plots of the show ("The Tale of...") for the Winchester boys? It seems like SUCH a good fit. Hell it would've been a really neat challenge back in the early years of fandom. Imagine the clown episode! Or the one with the Sandman. Or the one with the ghost-y prom girl. There were some awesome episodes and it seems like a damn good fit.

Reminds me how my Sister K compared SPN to Are You Afraid of the Dark? when I was first getting hooked on Show.
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