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Supernatural: The Real Ghostbusters

The way I see it, it's not jumping the shark if you never come back down

I'm behaving myself as I want to put that in a giant sparkly font. Instead my eyes are full of stars.

Few things:

- Boys boys boys: omg BOYS into SPN. LOL. Good joke, liked the sound of it and got it from go: yes it's not an accurate portrayal of SPN's fanbase (that would a-conning-go) but I was pleased that the fans were enthused and happy to be there and you know, helped save the day.

- And Demian and Barnes met online and were very happy together. Huh, must be an AU.

- I don't think angels are lame and I love Show poking at their introduction of angels to the overall arc.

- Sam is precious. And pretty. He made me laugh (giggle, really) so hard, that I had a long recovery time. What set me off? Dean FLOUNCING from the srs bidness of IT'S JUST S A SHOW OMG IT'S NOT IT'S REAL AND IT SUCKS AND I AM DELETING MY LJ AND YOU GUYS ARE WRONG FOREVER. Leading to Sam's, "he just has a lot of feelings, you guys."

I would offer to bake Dean a cake but I don't bake.

- Lady Bobby = awesome. Dean LARPing as Bobby = almost as good.

- Special cocktails for the con? I approve. Especially if it has vodka.

- Becky's, erm, loving gesture to Sam and her breakup were perfect by the absolutely hilarious and nearly clever use of cutting right to Chuck just hanging next to her. All awkward. Yesssssssssss.

- If I sit around here listing everything I love it gives me less time to roll around basking in said love. So go up to the gif and that will say everything about my feelings that I don't like to admit that I feel.

Final lesson of the day: children are creepy and will try to chop off your head. FACT.

ETA of extreme importance: I am so thrilled when Kripke gets his Gaiman geek-on. It is likely that there will never be a Good Omens movie and I will take Crowley in any form I can take.

Yay, Crowley!
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