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I was a taller girl too, once.

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and then that happened.

I was planning on making a dorky "hullo I renewed my lj for another year, guess you're all stuck with me" a-ha kind of post and I would have made it earlier had I not been super busy at work and sure, I could have posted when I got home but then, well.

Setting the scene: it is 6:30, therefore dark out, I am in my awesome new leather coat, in one hand holding a water bottle and in my other hand, I am absentmindedly rifling through my keys, trying to find the one for the outside door to my apartment building. I'm in a pretty great mood; the long day of work is over and I've got tons to do tomorrow but it's pretty manageable and hey, indoors, I'll be able to put on my pjs and chill the fuck out. I have opened up the gate but I'm still vaguely on the sidewalk, listening to Led Zeppelin on my iPod, wondering WTF is going on with the red lights beaming out of the window of the next door apartment building.

And some guy walks up behind him, mutters something about my ass and then fucking grabs my ass.

Now. There are mere seconds to react to this fuckery. Because my hands are full and I'm honestly pissed, I go into this weird default, turning around to see the asshole who grabbed me I scream fuck you at him. Then, I kick.

My kick actually connected with his ass but I'm sad to report it didn't do any damage, mostly because it was a pretty blind kick and I was lucky to hit anything at all.

But yeah. That's how my day dissolved into full on bullshit. Ugh.

I don't even know. If I hadn't been so full on shocked would I have gone after the guy? (I'm guessing I had about four inches or so on him, height-wise.) Really hope that dude isn't one of my more local neighbors but it's just like...seriously, what the fuck? How fucking dare you?

I'm fine though. Just. Yeah. That's what happened.
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