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Dis is uh disasTAH

Thank you to everyone for the lovely cookie-gifts! My userinfo page looks so sparkly and delicious. ♥ I definitely need to send out more today to all those special folks on my flist, I adore you guys!

Now I'll stop myself before I get super mushy and teary-eyed because I'm pretty certain my tears would freeze in the icebox that likes to call itself my office.

Goddddd damn but do I have Lady Gaga's (featuring ~Beyonce~) Telephone stuck in my head. If I die of hypothermia, it will be a good way to go out.

Although I'd prefer my office to be HEATED on Mondays but I guess that's too much to ask of our office building. I stupidly dressed for Tuesday-Friday office heating, where it's boiling and only my 3/4 or half sleeves keep me from dying of heat. Now I'm wrapped up in my pashmina and my fingers are numb. Lame.

So this weekend was gloriously lazy which I approve of as I needed the sleep and recovery from a rather nasty workout on Thursday. Aaaaand I'm gonna do it all over again tonight. My plans are awesome. But! Let me marvel on the weekend: there was purchasing of a surprise!gift for my mom, a selfish book purchase of Robin McKinley's Sunshine, hanging out with ignited & memphis86.

When the weather got too craptastic for us (boo-urns to rainy days and I think everyone here knows how I feel about fucking SNOW, grrr), we headed back to zee apartment and enjoyed some Singin' in the Rain as Memphis had never seen it. The Broadway melody number continues to be such a WTF.

Then I mentioned my love of the Angry Video Game Nerd and we watched some of his videos, including a personal favorite of mine: his review of the Friday the 13th video game. Which is a horrible game but totally freaked me out with the creepy faceless kids and the awful music when I was a kid. (Never owned it, but my next door BFF's brother did and oh, I did not like to watch him play it. D:)

I might have to start embedding some of his videos to my lj to further hook people.

Ooh, he has several Christmas-themed episodes! And what better way to celebrate the holidays than to celebrate it with a little angry ranting about Shaq-Fu?

Bits of other: I'm rewatching Blackpool for some...reason I no longer remember but it must have been a very good one TENNANT. STILL haven't seen the latest Doctor Who. Totally delaying the inevitable. I'm on the fence about White Collar: I tried watching the pilot but I got to this point where I hit a wall and lost interest in watching further.

This is kind of a dilemma! I love Tim DeKay (JONESY) so much I am all hearts for eyes for him. It's kind of SAD but he was seriously my faaaaavorite on Carnivale. The lead guy Matthew Bomer isn't really doing anything for me. I KNOW. I'm broken in some way. So I ask you, flist: does the show get better in later episodes? I mean, I fucking love Burn Notice and that hooked me from the get-go and I thought White Collar would be in a similar sort of vein. So many of y'all seem to be having so much fun watching it so I'm hoping that it'll pick up.

Convince me, flist.
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