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this post is the first in a decade and talks about how I hate pretentious food blogging. oh irony.

I finally saw the movie Julie & Julia and it confirmed what I'd suspected since I'd heard about it. The Julie sections were pretty tough to get through and it's amazing that the "real" Julie is even more unlikable than her movie self. (For the records, I generally enjoy Amy Adams.)

Meryl Streep is brilliant in the Julia portions of the movie. Really wish that there could have been an all Julia Child movie; that would have been absolutely perfect. But I'll take the awesomeness that was the "Julia" part and leave out the "Julie &". Meryl is well on to her 90th Oscar nomination for this role. Unless Mélanie Laurent manages to a) get nominated for Inglorious Basterds since her character was the main character, dammit and b) somehow win as a dark horse, Meryl may have the Lead Actress win locked up and I'm kind of okay with that.

Cool story, bro True Story: My clearest memory of watching Julia Child's cooking show was not watching Julia Child's cooking show. Because I have questionable taste, I used to watch Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead all the freaking time and in that movie, there is a ~growth journey~ of the annoying brother as he stops being a loser deadbeat and learns how to cook by watching Julia Child.

Whatever, I liked that he learned the importance of cooking and doing ~domestic~ activities (cleaning! not fucking women's work, thanks) and began taking care of the kids (his younger siblings). Considering most portrayal of men in the home kitchen are all OMG LOL MEN DUNT COOK GUD, I thought that was damn refreshing.

I hope you enjoy that my review of Julie & Julia ends on such a tangent.

In conclusion, BEES.

Or not, as I have kind of a point in that I will be making a post later on about a self-inflicted project that I am about to embark on for my own selfish interests but it will include picspams and recipes and hey, who doesn't like tasty food? Oh yeah, it's a ~TASTE~ journey.
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