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Yay for everyone getting geared up for spn_j2_bigbang!

I hope to join the ranks of those signed up to write but I'm holding out until the last sign-up day as I want to have 10K done by the end of this month. This is a good goal to have as I know I'll fuck off and not write anything between February and March because I am a terrible person.

(And you may laugh now since the last time I posted a decent story was a long frellin' time ago.)

I should probably open up that damn word file to see how much I need to write up. I sort of self-stalled because I LOST two pages of notes that outlined several action scenes since I'm pretty craptastic at action scenes unless they're fully planned. So naturally I fell into despair and did jack all with the story. Writing: it's like flouncing in a way.

Actually, I have a bit of a drabble I owe innie_darling written out and I am going to force myself to get it done by the end of the week because a) I like where I'm going concept-wise and b) yay het.

That's right, SPN fandom, I go het in the Sam/Dean vs. Dean/Castiel shipper wars. I am joking about shipper wars. It's like going rogue only nobody cares. For what it's worth, I claim no actual allegiance to any relationship in SPN fandom but obviously I write Sam/Dean stuff...when I'm not writing about icky girls. Girls: ruining fandom since always.

Speaking of Supernatural and my hatred of it, I'll be quite amused if SPN does get picked up for a sixth season. My One True Show got shitcanned by Sci-Fi (excuse me, as the channel is now Sy-Fy) and somehow the little dumb yet adorable bastard offspring of X-Files that gestated in the womb of McG thanks to a secret egg donation from BtVS and wet-nursed by the creator of Tarzan may get to see another year.

Dammit! Can't the CW just remake another classic trashy 90's show?

Because that's gone so well for them.

OMG, they should totally greenlight Anne of Green Gables but set in modern day where get this: Anne's a fairy and the queen of goblins. Magical wackiness ensues!

Insert my awkward segue about Jeremy Carver (a la SPN writing) working on the US adaption of Being Human.

I make this face: :-/

It feels like a pretty unnecessary adaption. One of the charms of Being Human is the Britishness of the show. Such as Annie-the-ghost's predilection for making tea nonstop though she cannot drink it. I have a hard time imagining anyone else playing George (or a George-esque character) as Russell Tovey begrudgingly won my heart.

Yes, I have a Being Human confession: for most of series 1, I could not stand George and how he whined about everything. But he's a nicely complicated character that you're not supposed to like all the time and I don't know how well George would translate to an American-run production.

Those are my doubts and I'd rather be proven wrong than vindicated. I still shake my head at the US adaption of Life on Mars. There were awesome actors that signed on to the production but I am completely WTF at the show's finale.

I like where this show is going.

- My signature Ugh George Why Are You a Dick eyeroll was used minimally considering wow, George was kind of a dick in this episode. But I got why he was Kind of a Huge Dick and hopefully he'll come back to being himself...wrecked with horrible guilt.

- Poor Nina. :-(

- I cracked up at Annie's line about there being a Nina on BtVS although she got it wrong since Nina-the-werewolf was on AtS.

- Really loved Annie getting a job (!) and I thought the pub owner was quite adorable with her so naturally she became interested in the cute patron who entered the pub. Heh. Not sure what he's all about or why he was freely popping pills.

- Eww at the anti-werewolf chamber.

- Because my other vampire-centric show is True Blood, it's always a little disconcerting when watching Being Human's take on vampirism. "Wait, how the hell is Mitchell able to hang out with fellow neighbors and not burst into flames??? Oh, right. Vampires don't have an issue with daylight."

...at least Mitchell does not have an Outrageous Old-Fashioned Accent. Things that I like: he's damn pretty.

- Oh hey, new lady is the former Cleopatra from Rome! I was wondering where I'd seen her before.

- Rock on new set of evil bad guys who are not the lame vampire couple. May you make series two extra-dark.

And then, for something completely different, I watched How I Met Your Mother.

Why is that fictional architects ONLY have boners for Frank Lloyd Wright? Seriously, there are other important architects out there. I'm going to cut my rant in half and only say this: Ted Mosby is a commercial architect. Make him have a hard-on for other important architects in his particular area of expertise. Google it, damn you.

Um, I thought this episode was pretty lame. If you're gonna make a big deal of the 100th episode and advertise the ZOMG musical aspect of it, it should, uh, be better.

I feel like HIMYM is going to not even have someone play "The Mother" and instead the last scene in the "past-present" will be of Ted and some girl blocked by the yellow umbrella and Saget!Ted will go, "'And that, kids, is the whole story of How I Met Your Mother." Meh.
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