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Recipe: Not Chocolate Mousse Featuring Chocolate Slightly Moussed

God help me when I melt chocolate.

That's the first thing that runs through my mind when I'm dealing with chocolate. Somehow, probably because I was stuffed full of cheese and had guests to entertain, I managed to make a successful chocolate fondue over New Year's but that recipe is a work in progress.

This recipe, however, is fine as it stands. Being that I still had leftover chocolate and heavy cream, I decided, "oh fuck it, I'm doing chocolate mousse."

Ah ha ha.

The plan, after surveying recipes and recalling that at some point, several years ago, I had done a mousse after a fashion, was to wing it based off of only the barest rules of making a mousse, excluding one of the more important ingredients: eggs.

"Wait, doesn't that mean you made whipped chocolate cream?"

Shut up, Voices in my Head. It was chocolate-y and fucking delicious. You can't stop me!

I'd do it again. I had the technology. I was without the tool (R.I.P Chad Michael Murray, victim of airless chamber-related injuries) but I kept with my plan: make something awesome for dessert as I was all frittered out that day (coming soon: my recipe for zucchini fritters).

Should you ever have excess dark chocolate laying around and heavy cream, you'll know what to do.

By the way, if you read this recipe, I'll drop hints about my favorite Farscape episode ever since I am very disappointed that no one actually guessed correctly and we cannot be friend anymore unless you know this pertinent fact about me.

I'm sure it'll be a struggle looking at pictures of chocolate.

Easy Chocolate Mousse for Two

3-4 ounces high quality dark chocolate (bitter or semi-sweet)
1 cup heavy cream
2 tablespoons confectioner's sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

Cut chocolate into small pieces. Using a double boiler (or a metal bowl fitted over a sauce pan) bring 2 inches of water to a low boil. Melt chocolate, tending carefully and take off the heat.

Using a hand-held mixer, whip cream with sugar and vanilla. Form soft peaks, at most the cream should be slightly stiff.

Slowly fold chocolate into whipped cream. Carefully put the mixture into whatever serving dish you plan to use (I used wineglasses). Refrigerate at least two hours.

I left the chocolate sitting out for a couple of hours because a) if it went into the fridge, I'd forget about it all over again and b) that chocolate was hard as a rock. As obvious from the cut marks against the chocolate, this was chopped off of a very thick block.

Who sang this?

Ah, cream, had I more of you, I'd have made citrus cream pasta. I'm using one of my awesome teardrop shaped pyrex dishes; these are fabulous if you need to pour whatever mixture into another container.

Choppity. Listen to Alton Brown: more surface area = quicker cooking time. Well. Melting time, in this case.

One time, in Supernatural fandom, I wrote a fic based off the plot of my favorite Farscape episode. I also used the same title.

Because the melting and the whipping were time-sensitive operations, I have no photos of melting chocolate or the excitement of whipping cream. This is already the slow folding process. As I've fucked myself over many times before, always remember this: do not rush folding. It will all come together in the end. Even here, it's so not done but if I go crazy and try to STIR my way into finishing this, then I have failed as a human being.

That's right. Folding chocolate into whipped cream is the modern day test for humanity. Take that, Dune.

Wait, but is it on IMDB?

Oh wait, who put a picture of melted chocolate in my post? Anyways, I still have some chocolate looking to be incorporated into the mixture.

BOOM. Roasted.

Wizard of Oz references? On my show?

Since this was such a labor-intensive operation, I opted for fancy over modest. As you can see, the chocolate doesn't mold itself to the glass but that's okay. It's still damn tasty.

After a couple of hours in the fridge, I served it to my roommate, neglecting to mention that hers contained a time-delayed poison...of flaaaaaavor.

I think you should comment with a guess as to what exactly I consider to be my favorite episode of Farscape.
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