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Dear Internet,

As I limp towards the end of January, I look forward to a time when I don't feel exhausted. UGH. I hate this part of winter where it feels like it should be over but there's more than a month yet and FFFFFFFFF. I am tired and my bones are weary.

I am also excessively dramatic.

Totally didn't post an episode review of Supernatural, how lame of me. Whatever, I watched the episode and watched my roommate nearly die of the lols, a terrifying disease that claims 1.345 ljers every four-and-quarter hours.

She survived...for now.

When I was not visiting the lovely fourfreedoms or making sopa de albondigas for elrina753's birthday, I decided to watch all of Chuck. Verdict: get rid of the Buy More scenes (I haaaaaate Morgan) and I could almost consider this my must-see spy show. But alas, it is not.

It took me a while to place her but I finally figured out that Chuck's (awesome) sister is Gift Shop Girl from Scrubs! She has the most amazing eyes for serious. And I think she's pretty damn awesome on Chuck so it's fitting that she's paired off with Captain Awesome.

Spy shows are so weird for me. I couldn't do Alias but I loved Jake 2.0 and La Femme Nikita is one of those shows that broke me as a teenager. Chuck definitely has potential but I do drift off during the will they/won't they? moments between Chuck & Sarah.

I am also excessively annoyed at whoever choose to style Bryce's (Matt Bomer) hair on Chuck.

In news that has nothing to do with Chuck, I am getting NOTHING done writing-wise. Truly pathetic. The point up top re: exhaustion has done nothing to help me. I'm so mentally fried that it took me a while to even type out how tired I am. I will get my help_haiti story finished but I have no idea about Big Bang: the potential story is there but it requires me reaching out to people for advice and I am really shitty about doing that.

No chance of writing tonight either; I'll be stressing out about work and the SON OF A BITCH who sent something into our offices that I'm responsible for deciphering. It's so fucking time-consuming and I dread that my numbers are so not going to match the submitted numbers because they did it WRONG.

Okay, I need to breathe and thus, I give youtube:

I fell asleep to Star Trek last night. :-(

(The sad part is the sleepy bit; I only made it to Scotty's appearance...zomg spoilers)

Will have to get another recipe post up tonight. I have the pictures uploaded so all I need to do is post the recipe. No "witty" banter from me this time, I'm afraid.

Someone take over the menial tasks in my life, please.


Reg's Mushy Brain

P.S. on meta that is going around that I cannot dive into because hi my brain is fried: I like writing women and men and all the variations therein wherein on in omg it's meta-post get in the car.

Don't expect me to smile at you when you say het squicks you out or that there are no well-written female characters on TV (EVER?) or treat X as better than Y because you are just like man totally breaking with norms but not really because hey, traditional roles happen top/bottom omg lol dean is such a girl (wtf) and like, yeah, you just want your shiny and don't get why people are complaining....AHHH...look. Look, everyone has quite valid points, we should treat each other thoughtfully and if you are interested in writing a variety, go right the fuck ahead (my motto: treat all characters you write about as respectfully as you can, no evil female villains breaking up the OTP and yes the same applies to male characters as well...unless it's a crackfic where anything goes and everyone's a giraffe) or if you don't, that's fine but don't go overboard and share an overanalysis that boils down to: I don't like it and I don't like that you're making me think about why I don't like certain things.

I don't deserve a cookie for writing het/slash/gen (I include femmeslash there when I say slash), I deserve a cookie because GODDAMN I have had a hard day at work.

Or a milkshake. Damn, I could go for a milkshake.

(Instead I will drag my ass to gym tonight. Being a grownup = JOY)
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