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snowpocalypse 2010: snowmageddon: the chad michael story: a frosty winter's tale

I don't like snow. I feel that bears repeating.

Before you do anything or read the rest of this post, if you love me, you'll answer this poll:

Poll #1523897 Surprise Blizzard Poll!

Ticky which of the following represent the "Big Five" Game (must choose five) (also, did I just make you lose the game?):

Chad Michael Murray
T. Rex
Black Rhinoceros
White Russian
White Rhinoceros

Why did you pick Chad Michael Murray?

I didn't because he's too fierce a beast to hunt.
Because he is the Most Dangerous Game.

After you've answered, you may click on the lj cut.

Psych enjoys randomly dropping references about Chad Michael Murray. I gather the reason is due to James Roday not being too impressed with Dr. C.M. Murray, Esquire Lord of Squintvilleshire, B.F.A and licensed bikini inspector.

Therefore, this poll had to happen. You're welcome.



Whoever loves me the most will be granted immorality.*

God, it's been snowing all day. I'm so not looking forward to the afternoon commute. I do get to head off at 4pm so hopefully my subway line continues to run at a decent pace.

I need to focus on things that make me happy. Such as Be Good, Johnny Weir, AKA the most fabulous show on TV right now. Yes, RuPaul's Drag Race is NOT the most fabulous place to be. A lot of the contestants just don't hold a candle to last year's queens. Plus, save for crazy-boring-CRAZY Tyra, almost none of the girls seem to apply their makeup properly. Learn to blend, thanks.

I have also found all of Daria on youtube so I am reliving my teenage years. Goddamn, there was some sweet, sweet music on Daria. I have no idea how the DVDs (DVDs coming out in May! *falls over*) are going to have half of the songs used in an episode. Save for the opening credits and the musical episode, they didn't have any original music.

The first time Daria aired, I remember the next day in middle school (oh god, I was in middle school when the series began), some asshole popular boy (who eventually did say the most awesome thing ever in 10th grade social studies: "It's like the Matrix up in here!" a complaint I still use when I'm being douchey) ragging on the series and how Daria was a bitch, etc. No, Daria is awesome, thank you very much, and shockingly, watching the episodes now after not seeing them since the time I used to watch MTV, goddamn, she's even more relevant.

She makes thoughtful decisions. She's not perfect but she strives to make the right choices and acknowledges when she's in the wrong. WTF is this awesome female character doing and how long before I can dress up as her for Halloween?

I watched the episode about contact lenses during my break and MAN, I felt it so much. It took me until sophomore year of college to get contacts (partially fueled by my mom's insistence that since I couldn't put eyedrops in my eyes, I wouldn't be able to wear contacts). Really, it did wonders for my peripheral vision although I still don't have as good peripheral vision as my two "normal" sighted sisters.

Without a good segue, I link the listing for NBC's airing of the Winter Olympics. All I care about is figure skating and the DRAMA. I am prepared for Johnny Weir to break my heart, for the US Women's team to not be as awesome as other nations, and for the lol factor of pairs skating and the super LOLZ of ice dancing.

Oh, and I will follow speedskating out of loyalty to Colbert Nation.

By immortality, I mean I will write an anonymous limerick.
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