I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

Because I heart you...on ice.

So yesterday at my birthday karaoke party (the actual day of birth is in two days), the lovely dotfic asked me about Johnny Weir and I feel it is now my duty to explain via the magic of youtube:

That is his exhibition routine. I cherish it.

Also, this:

He brought a poster of Lady Gaga with him to the Olympic Village so that she "could watch over us".

That amuses me greatly since I've been describing him as a proto-Lady Gaga.

His twitter is readable. Look! I never knew how much I valued coherent sentences until I started seeing the kinds of exchanges celebrities have on twitter. This is so completely refreshing.

Adorable figure skater Mirai Nagasu (who I hope does well but the U.S. female figure skaters are not likely to medal) said the following of Weir: "I wish I could room with Johnny and get tips on makeup and styling."

Seriously I think Mirai's adorable. She totally fucked with journalists at one point and said she was going to have a quad in a program and then she said, "just kidding." That's awesome.

Anyway, that is my beginning introduction to the magic that is Johnny Weir. Is he ~destined~ for gold at the Olympics? No, because the scoring system favors a very different kind of figure skater and Johnny is, as some brilliant person described, a magnificent headcase. He can pull out brilliant routines but he can also fuck up.

But. He's so entertaining to watch. And I like that in a figure skater. He's got a huge personality and he doesn't censor himself but hell, I prefer that over a robot.

After all, the only robot I could ever love is ignited.

In conclusion:

QED, motherfuckas.
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