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Benefits of falling asleep to Chicago:

- Listening to Queen Latifah as she sings When Your Good to Mama is oddly soothing.

- Man but Catherine Zeta-Jones was damn pretty as Velma. So glad she went for period appropriate hair. That bob is awesome. (Apparently Rob Marshall wanted to have her keep her normally long hair, which WTF?) She steals the show in every scene's she in and I still wince when she does the chair dance and slams her thighs into the wooden seat. Apparently (this is from memory of listening to the director's commentary) she sustained major bruises from practicing that over and over. Duh


- I forget that Richard Gere is in the movie all the time. Then he shows up and I go, "oh, Richard Gere is playing Billy Flynn? Why?" He's okay. I guess. Wait, who's playing Billy Flynn?


- Renée Zellweger's body still worries me a little. Obviously she's very muscular in that film but she looks so emaciated that I go D: which isn't fair at all. Because of that reaction I don't know if I can't stand Roxie Hart because of Renée's portrayal or the movie's decision to make her more naive than she is in the Broadway production. (I saw the revival, um, in 1998, I think.) I always liked it when Roxie was a bit more of a hardass and the wilting flower portrayal annoys me. Her reasons for shooting her boyfriend in the Broadway musical is more like, "you're boring me and I'm over this *SHOOTY SHOOT*" whereas the movie it's all tearful and *SOB SOB SHOOTY SHOOT SOB".

- Plus I'm pretty sure some studio singer's voice was blended in with Renée Zellweger's singing because it just sounds off to me. Hmm.

In completely unrelated news, I had an interesting commute this morning that was saved by a decision not to be lazy.

See, in the morning, I can catch Train #1 which runs express, sort of, or Train #2 which is more of a local. All that means for me and where I work (midtown) is that either train will hit all the same stops leading up to my job except #2 makes an extra stop that's closer to my job. Normally, regardless if I'm on #1 or #2, I get off at the stop prior to that, which means I walk about 5 or 6 extra blocks. No big deal in normal weather but today it's snowing/raining (snaining?), so I initially decided to damn it all and take the local. Less walking in shitty weather=ideal.

But the first train that came into my station was #1 so I walked all the way down to the front of the train as that lets me out of the train to the nearest exit at my not-closest stop to my job. I could have waited since the next train was guaranteed to be a local and it would have been a wait of about five minutes but I decided fuck it, the sooner I'm out of this shitty weather, the better.

You probably don't follow me, but here it is, in basic detail: I got on the "express" train, sitting in the first car of the train, where I usually am on good days despite my original plan to take the local train and sit in a middle car, which would have placed me nearby the closest exit to my local stop.

Anyway, so I'm one stop away from the close but not that close stop that I normally use, dreading the walk in the snow when...someone pulls the emergency brake.


The train stops with only the first car of the train sticking into the station. After a couple of minutes of WTFuckery from disgruntled fellow NYC passengers, the train operator gets out of his booth area and opens up one of the doors of the train (as they have to reset the brakes).

I wisely choose to exit, seeing as the station is a major hub, I grab a local that runs along another avenue that'll actually take me closer to my job.

Thus, I only had to walk half a block to my office.

Your lesson: Not being lazy is a good thing.

Also, I had time to grab breakfast and still got in early.

Falling asleep to Chicago grants you one magic "get of commute clusterfuck" card. Void where prohibited.
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