I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

I had a dream where my favorite drama shows were on USA Network.

Misleading subject header is misleading because before I get into Psych and how utterly awesome the season finale was (which says a lot as I've found Season Four to be very hit or miss), I need to get something off my chest about White Collar.

I have problems with White Collar. I can excuse cheesy plots and contrivance city, I do watch Supernatural after all, but there's always been something that rubbed me the wrong way and took me out of "An Hour of Admiring Tim DeKay's Face" which is how I personally approach the show. After skipping the last couple of episodes, I watched the season finale in hopes that it would kindle the interest I had when I initially watched the pilot.

Okay, confession: I was SO pissed at the show for writing out Diana's character, who played off Peter so well. As much as I liked Natalie Morales's work on The Middleman, she is TERRIBLE as Agent Cruz. Seriously, I don't get a feel for Cruz at all. Factor in my dislike for Kate and I was distressed to be watching a show where the only interesting female character is Elizabeth, AKA "the wife" and that causes her to get sidelined a lot so that Neal and Mozzie can be wacky thieves as Peter is adorably irritated at their hijinks.

Which is not to say that Elizabeth isn't an awesome character; she truly is and is quite enjoyable. You go, Tiffani Thiessen.

However, due to the factor of Kate being not all that terribly interesting and seeing that Neal seems to pine after his lost/kidnapped/MYSTERIOUS wife by hitting on women all the time, I was not impressed by the love story the show was trying to sell me. The whole Kate mystery bored me.

But the finale went there and killed off Kate (as far as we know, since the writers love to set up a CRAZY twist and then...botch the landing) and Diana came back and was AWESOME. So I liked that very much. The Diana stuff, specifically.


I won't tune in S2, alas. The plot isn't keeping me engaged and I don't think the mystery of the exploding plane is really all that mysterious. Dude, you stole something that a lot of people want and it's got a hell of a value and Kate was probably long-conning you all long.

Of course they're gonna try to kill your ass. Stop being SURPRISED that you get yourself into dangerous shit, dude.

I really wish I could love this show because I have massive love for Tim DeKay. But um. No. Not for me. Sorry.

Last night, I watched Psych, not realizing it was the season finale.

*pinches James Roday's cheeks*

That was a love letter to Hitchcock and I loved every moment of it.

I knew after that opener that it was a Roday-directed episode and he probably wrote it too. It's so weird seeing the "star" (although I count him and Dule as sharing the spotlight, sorry, Shawn&Gus 4eva) of a TV show be so amazing as getting the characters around him. Everyone got developed further and I give you a list of things of PROOF:

- Gus was holding a gun, the first time EVER if my Psych-addled mind can remember, in order to rescue Juliet after she was kidnapped. He made a strong showing for someone terrified of mummies (rightly so). Dule, as always, delivered some of the best lines.

- Lassister went after Juliet, damn the Chief's orders! And he stopped the death trap sacrificing his poor gun. HE KILLED HIS GUN FOR HIS PARTNER. Aww. I love their friendship/partnership.

- I mentioned to memphis86 my unease with the lack of Juliet's character development at the start of the episode. Well, the show sure kicked that one in the ass. Juliet's always prided herself on being a good cop and without dialogue, we were given a great scene of her reacting after being rescued mere moments before certain death. You know how I like my characters to be a little messed up and still heroic? Yeah, she kind of...got there. With a dash of PTSD, too. "Save Abigail!" When you know you're going to die. Damn, girl.

- Henry came out of retirement! For Shawn! His Swiss Army knife helped save the day. He called Madeline to make sure she was okay! Thing I forgot: Henry was originally targeted by Yang when Shawn was a kid. Hmm. Hmm.

- Abigail had perhaps the best reason for any guest star girlfriend to break up with the lead character: I can see that I am/could fall in love with you, but I don't want to die and your field of work will get me killed. Seriously, there was no cheesy I CHOOSE ME moment or the stupid "I can see you're meant for someone else WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE" writing hackery. She was put into a dangerous situation because of Shawn specifically (how nicely it folds over with the start of their relationship happening while Shawn was hunting Yang) and while he did heroically save her from certain death, that doesn't absolve why she needed to be rescued in the first place. It was a great scene and treated their relationship respectfully. Sad, a little bittersweet, but it ends their story nicely without playing the Shawn/Juliet strings of inevitability or putting absolute blame on Shawn. No one came out of that scene looking like an asshole. I liked that.

- MARY. D: D: D: You guys, Mary is my favorite character ever created on Psych.

I didn't want him to a) be evil and b) die.

Now he's dead.


Damn you, show. "Is there racquetball in heaven?" "I'm an ordained minister." "I wanted to do something heroic."

Every line out of Mary's mouth is SOLID gold. I joked that I want Misha Collins to show up as Mary's older brother Mary Jr. on the show but I don't know if anyone can really be as out there as Jimmi Simpson managed.

COME BACK TO ME, MARY. I will make little $20 hats for your rodent.

Anyway, I am going to watch the S3 finale An Evening with Mr. Yang to pick up clues.

What was up with that picture at the end of young Shawn and Yang? WTF. Damn you, show.
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