I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

punch me, I'm working

I like to imagine that when I walk outside to leave work (and I am bouncing out at 5pm, fuck this day), somehow the hordes of drunken faux Irish will not be vomiting and knocking into me as I trek to the train station.

Delusion is my favorite state. There are at least three specific "Irish" bars on the way to the train.

My mom takes this holiday pretty seriously which has always cracked me up. She used to yell at me when I'd walk out of the house without wearing anything green zomg. Today I'm in my usual black duds although i guess the claddagh ring I always wear counts a little. I only wear two rings when I'm at work, on each hand, left ring-finger and right middle finger. My claddagh ring is always on my middle finger.

Because it's too large to be on any other finger. Heh.

Honestly I think I have residual stress coming from my ex-job where I was in charge of putting together an office party for the St. Patrick's Day parade (not in NYC, mercifully). It always fell on a weekend day which meant yes, I had to come in on a weekend hours before any of my other coworkers, coordinate catering, set up all the decorations (and oh, there were lots of decorations, I know as I had to buy them), and basically be on-call while partying. Oh, we need more cold drinks? Let me run up two flights of stairs to bring down some more for you, boss. :D (Inside I was screaming.)

It's cute if you think I was ever able to get paid time-and-a-half for that nonsense.

The last time I set up the party, I actually couldn't be there as a) I'd quit and was within my last two weeks working there and b) the parade was on my sister's birthday and SORRY! my sister > your fucking office party where I am your free maid. Still, I came in the day before to decorate. I think I posted pictures of said decorations in this lj too. Ah, memories.

The most St. Patrick's Day-ing I'm planning to do today is to finish off the leftovers I took when I visited the family this weekend. My mom makes amazing corned beef and cabbage for serious. The trick is using pickling spices, good beer, and allowing things to have a flaaaaavor.

She also made (for the first time ever) whiskey Irish soda bread and it was omg nom.

Hurm, I had some other stuff I wanted to say but I can't remember it.

Oh yeah, That Misha guy is ok.

My favorite part of the picture that he sent out is the farmstand-style sink. I WANT IT. You guys, sometimes I think I might have a super-dorky attachment to plumbing fixtures.
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