I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

appa? more like crappa, amirite

Sometimes it's hard to be around me because when I'm feeling punchy, I will absolutely run a joke into the motherfucking ground. Poor memphis86.

Another thing that sucks is that people are on high alert for April Fools tomfoolery so I will discuss the next few things in order of "this one is true" and "this one is false".

I have been meaning to post but I once again have had lj-journaling performance fears.
I hate you all.

LOL Twilight's Cullen family enjoys denim frolicking in the woods. Linking to cleolinda's post, fyi. Look at Jackson Rathbone's hair and try not to dissolve into a fit of giggles. I dare you.
Jackson Rathbone doesn't deserve that.

Hedwig! On Broadway! This Fall!. OMG OMG OMG.
Don't say you want to come see this with me because I want to watch it alone and I hate the company of friends.

I have finally caught up with all of 30 Rock as I didn't realize I hadn't seen ANY of S1 or S2. Avatar: the Last Airbender is still one of my favorite "things" I've watched so far. I'm giving up on Chuck because I don't like many of the supporting characters and I am not down with the romance. When is True Blood coming back into my life? Needs more ASkars.
The Mentalist is the best show about a fake psychic detective OF ALL TIME.

OTHER (you may decide if this is TRUE/FALSE):

I went to a The Daily Show taping yesterday with loony_moony, memphis86, and raelala. As I've never gone before (I've been to The Colbert Report), it was quite exciting and since we were at the front of the confirmed ticket line (not the VIP line, y'see), we got what I thought were pretty good seats.

There is nothing quite like hearing Jon Stewart actually get to swear in person. He likes the word fuck so much. ♥

Maybe I'll do a taping report maybe I'll go sleep in a Taun Taun. It's the first of April, anything can happen.

Oh and since it's Poetry Month and I only remember to do this on like the first day, I may as well post yet another Monica Youn poem since her book of poetry Barter is my go-to source when I need writing inspiration:

the wedding of ignatz

is the end

of wanting.

The simples

in their rests.


In the game called

an orange

is gripped between the chin
and shoulder

then is transferred

to the chin
and shoulder of

the next-in-line. Then

a flaming log
is rolled

into the river. Then

a chalk circle
is drawn

around each plate.


One day I walked
to the window

robed in the loveliest
robe of the year.

One day I knelt down
by the fountain.

A crown of parsley
a crown of dill.

One day my hands
closed on the handles.

A match tip was placed.
beneath my tongue


“Listen to me – someone
has tricked you.

There never was an apple.”
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