I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

Supernatural: 99 Problems

There are no pie charts in this post nor am I singing Jay-Z but if you look closely, I might be talking about Supernatural.

That was damn good. Problematic (oh lord, we really needed the "on a good day, you get to kill a whore" line?) but it developed the story along and DEAN IS GOING TO MAKE A TERRIBLE DECISION.

I approve because fucking up is something Winchesters do best.

But let's give high marks on Sam for being a) pretty damn awesome, b) taking time out of his busy life to visit the salon to get that fabulous hair, and c) getting to reflect & reverse a Great Moment of the pilot: I can't do this alone.

You can't but Dean checked out at the top of this episode and boy, was he fuckin' done. The poor dead kid was just the crappy cherry on top of the shitfest.

Um. I fucking love that Dean still cites Lisa & Ben as his happy place. BECAUSE I AM BIASED. Ben is SO his kid.

I have thoughts but they are thoughts for later because I got home at 9:56pm as I spent a lovely afternoon/dinner with the very awesome nikitangel.

In conclusion, Dean Winchester's got 99 Problems but a daddy complex ain't one.

(Daddy complex is #100. SPOILER*.)

Everyone has made terrible choices and without Castiel to be drunk and lean into Sam's personal space, this episode would have killed my soul.

Wait, I don't have a soul being as I am rooting for Dean to make bad life choices.

He should totally wear brick pants.

No! I mean say yes to Michael.

Then he will put on the pants. AND GET IN THE CAR.

*Not a spoiler.
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