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Glee: The Power of Madonna Compels You!

Magic everywhere up in this post. (Singing showtunes: how does it work?)

I'm just saying: Ray of Light was totally my club song when I went out to the teen-friendly dance clubs in my past life when I was a taller girl once, too.

I totally sang during that AWESOME cheerleading routine set to Ray of Light. It was brilliant that Sue Sylvester brought Madonna into Lima High. Sue would so admire Madonna's ruthlessness. And I mean that in a good way. ♥

There were multiple storylines in this episode! Kurt got to shine (holy shit, he and Mercedes rocked it) and I am so happy that there was development on the Tina & Artie front. Even though he was a total DICK to her at the beginning of this episode.

Okay, I have a criticism of Glee (what? no one ever criticizes this show!): I'm annoyed that the guy in the Like a Virgin sequence was the ONLY one to lose his virginity. Lame. Perhaps this is my own issues coming to the forefront, as I placed absolutely no fucking "value" on my virginity, and I'm kind of tired of no girls being shown to not give a damn about it.

Well, I mean, Santana clearly was whatever about it, since that wasn't her first time at the rodeo. Oh, and wow to Naya's voice. It stands out very nicely and I hope she gets more solos, damn.

Okay, as being a fan of Rachel is like being a Never Nude ("There are dozens of us! Dozens!"), I'm very disappointed that the Rachel who I LOVED for sticking it to the abstinence club when she declared that girls want sex as much as guys do has been forgotten in favor of a Rachel who isn't able to verbalize the better issue that should have been played out: she doesn't trust Jesse, deep down, the way she does with Finn (as duh, love triangle is clearly in play). Wouldn't that have been better? Some acknowledgement on that front? I want to...but not with you.

Meh, it's problematic and doubled up with Emma's own hangups just makes me disappointed.

Girls do want sex, too, okay and we would like not to be punished for it.

I'm pretty sure Madonna wrote a song about that.

Back to the shiny: almost everything else ESPECIALLY when Sue makes fun of Will and Brittany says anything, ever.

- It was great to see that Becky is still a part of the Cheerios!

- Figgins being kind to Sue was weird yet worked. Huh.

- Um, Will? You do realize that no one leaves Vocal Adrenaline ALIVE, right? Like, remember that waiter kid who said he was left back several times because he could do a super-awesome back spring? Like Idina Mendzel is ever going to give up her star.

- "Rachel come out of there so we can talk. Or we could sing about it." Hee.

- I need more Glee. What is this, I don't even.

Oh wait, I do. Fuckin' miracle.
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