I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

Supernatural: Two Minutes to Midnight

I will always think of the actor playing Pestilence as the neighbor from Honey I Shrunk the Kids. So there is a bit of a brain disconnect when he's being completely freaking freaky.

"The doctors were surprised, they thought I was brain dead."

"You are not the burnt, broken shell of a man I believed you to be."
"...Thank you. I appreciate it."
"You're welcome."

I'm cheap when it comes to delightful deadpan.

Misha's eyes are really pretty. (What? I can't always be googly-eyed for a nice set of greens.)

Sam and Dean got the unfunny syphilis. :-(

Wait you guys. You can't wipe out Chicago until after wincon.

I want Crowley to braid my hair and talk about how he invented the website Guys with iPhones. Love him. ♥

"You too are lucky you have your looks." False. They are lucky they have the Impala.

I am going to be using "Quite pining for the varsity years and load up the truck," quite a lot.

Crowley made a deux ex machina and fixed a Bobby. Somebody give him a cookie.

Sometimes I think they're making shit up with regards to proper demon blood nutrition. I should make a graph.

Slight wind with a couple of leaves blowing around = sign of a killer storm. Just so you know.

Death's speech was so, so good. And I love that he was bound to Lucifer and wants out. Very neat.

The whole speech about Sam taking on the devil? Yeah, here's the problem: Dean cannot live with Sam.

So I'm totally optimistic that everything will come up roses for everyone.

(Don't you bastards hurt my Crowley.)

FYI: New York Pizza > Chicago.
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