I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

Supernatural: Swan Song

Prior to the start of this episode, I said I was going to be done with the show if they killed the Impala. They did not and in fact it was very much a love letter to the glorious Metallicar, may she ever guzzle gas and cruise down two lane highways, amen.

Oh, and yellow crayon. And lolz your prophet is your god calling up Mary Magdalene to talk him off. (Off what, God-God?)

Gotta have a montage.

Imperfect finale is imperfect but I went in with no expectations and got Lisa and Ben hanging out with Dean Winchester who has legally changed his name to AAAAAAH MY BROTHER IS TRAPPED IN A HIDEY HELL HOLE GNASH RENDING OF GARMENTS MANPAIN...Winchester.

Yes, he legally has ellipses in his name now. Deal with it.

It does offer a neat premise for the next season with mysterious Sam who can make lights explode (electricity, how does it work?) and like, really wants to make out with Dean.

How slashy was this episode? I mean, c'mon, you guys. C'mon. They fucked under the stars. Seriously. I bet they had a picnic blanket that was covered in man juice after that night. (I'm using the classy term, fyi.)

[here's another montage, MONTAGE]

I like what they with Castiel and I feel bad for people who aren't pleased for it. Assbutt. Oh, Castiel. You try so hard.

Now excuse me I need to go film some shots of men's noses to express EXTREME ANGST on a heaven vs. hell scale. EXTREME.

(Don't stuff legos into air filtration units. It makes me go D:)
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