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the county clerk is maddening

Maddening, I say. But fortunately, I managed to defeat bureaucracy, tons of paperwork that wasn't filed where it should have been, entered-on-another-day-when-it-should-have-been-the-day-before, and other terrible local gov't related business to retrieve a certified copy of an order needed for a case, and hoo boy, I felt great.

I do enjoy my job. My only complaint (I work in a law office, for those who have no idea what I was rambling about), is that one of the lawyers NOT a part of the firm, who rents office space, has been fowarding his calls to my desk. Now, he has a secretary. But when she's out, I get his calls coming in and besides taking the calls for 4 lawyers and two paralegals, I do NOT want to be dealing with his clients, ESPECIALLY since most of them talk my ear off about their cases.

Said lawyer ain't paying me, didn't ask me to help out (which even if he did, he's not supposed to be doing this), and furthermore, hereto, shall herewith get a death glare of DOOM if this continues.

I'm just kidding. Ya don't mess with an attorney. ;-)

I don't pick up his calls. I have enough work along with acting as operator/message taker and I need to focus on my own work. And go to the County Clerk. Ugh.

I think my idea of hell is dealing with deeds. Looking them up, filing them, etc. Oh, it's torture and I feel like I'm the dumbest person EVER when I deal with them.

Why I am bitching though? Ah, it's to ignore the fact that I have piles of reading to do, must finish some fic and post, and also finish cleaning my room (it's 70 per cent cleaner, yes!).

And I will be sending off things to the post office tomorrow. And making meatball soup.

Ah, I give myself too much to do and make too many promises to keep.

But Bill won on The Apprentice! All is right with the world! I shall use that as my encouragment.
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